Watch the video of the WSTA’s online comments forum

I left town the night of the forum on online comments hosted by the West Sound Technology Association on Feb. 15, and since returning over the weekend I haven’t had a chance to put my thoughts together on the blog. Maybe I’ll get to it this week.

If not, Charles Keating of WSTA has done me one better. He’s got the video up. There’s a few soft spots in the sound, but the picture is solid.

Here’s the link:

One thought on “Watch the video of the WSTA’s online comments forum

  1. Thanks , this was quite an interesting conversation. I agree that a plus was the reporters being able to answer questions on the blog, and have noticed that they do this .

    Damaging non stop vitriol was spoken to and to the issue of some of the consistent bloggers who appear just to be nasty for sport . Hopefully a moderating system will be found where the spirit of the conversation is not jeopardized.

    Learned that the Federalist papers were written in anonymity originally . Did not know that .

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