Say what? An open discussion of anonymous online comments

Tonight Tuesday in Poulsbo I’ll participate in a panel discussion hosted by the West Sound Technology Association that some of you may find interesting.

The topic is anonymous speech and civil discourse, or as we call it in the newsroom: “the comments.”

Though not a part of our printed newspaper, I’m sure many of you read or participate in the comment threads that follow nearly every story on I hear mixed reactions from readers about our practice of accepting that public feedback on the website, and from time to time even wrestle with my own view of the rapid and free-form response to the media now allowed by technology.

One thing I feel confident in saying is that anonymous online comments aren’t going away — but that they also will evolve. And that’s where we, as a newspaper and the host of the most popular comments site in the county, play a role.

So tonight Tuesday I’ll sit with Charlie Bermant, a former reporter in Kitsap County now at the Peninsula Daily News, Tracy Record of the West Seattle Blog, Jeff Rhodes, editor of the Port Orchard Independent, and First Amendment attorney Bruce H. Johnson. We’ll discuss some of the issues, including: Are comments made anonymously or under a pseudonym mutually exclusive with responsible discourse? What tools are available — or being experimented with — to ensure productive community conversation? To what extent should we be concerned with vitriol or inaccuracy in online forums?

Those are the questions that go through this newsroom, and among editors across the country. I wrote a few months ago that I think this will be a big issue for media, in particular community newspapers, not only because of the positive and negative effects commenting has on a website’s reputation, but also in assigning the amount of time staff members invest in interacting with the online community. Like any new technological tool (remember, commenting has only been widespread for the past three or four years), it’s going to take some time to figure out the best use.

The forum begins at 5:30 p.m. at the Poulsbo City Hall Library, 200 NE Moe Street. A $10 fee is asked of non-WSTA members who attend. For more information, call 206-984-3509.

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  1. The meeting location is Council Chambers, Poulsbo City Hall, 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

    Thanks for the shout out and look forward to a great discussion.


  2. I would love to go to that myself, but right now I’m on too tight of a budget.

    I will say though, I will put a name down if I have to, but it won’t be my own name. Unfortunately, in the past I’ve worked for some very conservative businesses and am looking for work now. I believe my opinions are my own and they should not be owned or penalized by the people I work for, however, they often seem to think that my life and how I feel is under their jurisdiction. So until I am able to support myself by not having to work for a living, my comments will be made under my user name. If it makes anyone feel any better, my user name is the same name I use all over the internet, so basically that is me, where ever I go.

  3. Kelly —
    Show up tonight, we’ll have a guest pass at the door with your name on it. Would love to have an involved audience.


  4. No David , but it had something to do with that but I toned it down quite a bit for public viewing . Perhaps the storm did something with my connection ? Not sure .

    But It was of my articulate moments and . Rats .

    Anyway I have been on of your biggest complainers of the system you have . It perhaps is equal with other political blogs I have seen . Maybe not even as bad . But say with the article on Adele , underneath were the most vicious character attacks under the article . I flagged them of course to no avail , I consider calling some a racist , bigot , etc out of line . Not calling a statement bigoted , but actually calling the person hood these names goes on all the time here . Then I see a post deleted for a reason I have to wonder . seen other comments that believe they are idealogical reasons for censorship . From my experience I agree to much of that thought . Idealogical does not mean it has to be specfically geared to one political side , but the moral compass finds certain things hostile and certain things not .

    Its as thought the person doing this job is basing their discretion on an ideology , not just a basic right and wrong . You do not call a homosexual a name regardless if your from the right or left . There are somethings just right and wrong .

    I brought up the fact there are three people from a face book page who use cyber bullying around the Kitsap blogs almost exclusively blogging after a past candidate who also goes over the line . But you have cyber bullying being used on the Sun , and it bleeds over to the issues these bullies also believe in . Talking about mocking the person hood of people . Charlie Bermant was on the FaceBook page I am speaking to, but actually calling for civility . I wondered what his position was on this issue , because I respected his comments that he made in as far as calling for civility on that Facebook page .

    Anyway I wish I was there . I believe the info that can be learned under the articles and insight can be quite extraordinary. Its shame the nastiness involved has become just part of the price .

  5. P.S. Mick it was good…which is why I reponded. At the time there were three comments. The other response to you (Mick) is also missing.

  6. Mick and David, I figured it out. Mick you and I posted on the “story version” that David published under the same heading, not the “blog” version. Our posts are still there on the story version.

    Hey David can you see that this gets a little confusing when the same conversation is going on in two places… Just a thought.

  7. Kelly, you and everyone who can should really go. I can’t make this one but David put on an excellent forum on education that I did attend several months back. There were some great conversations and new relationships that sprung from that particular forum.

  8. Yep, I figured it out 15 minutes ago myself. That’s inadvertent, I published the column to my blog (, another editor published it straight to the website. Sorry about that.

    It’s kind of interesting example, actually. The comments on our blogs function differently than comments on web stories. Reporters and myself preview each one of these, not so on the articles because of different software. So we’ve experimented with both technologies; and you’ve all seen how the response (and the community) changes between the two. Just an observation.

  9. Thanks Collen and David for figuring that out.

    I have noticed the blogs on these puget sound ones
    more respectful . But not usually commented on . Perhaops the fact as you say you did not notice the comments from the other site is why the comments become over the top without knowledge . Perhaps I
    am being a bit hard on one of your staff members , but her comments to me and deleted posts
    from a past issue of trading civilized comments to an abusive commentor was quite strange . She stated she was keeping an eye on me ?? Either she was in a hurry for time , or just out of touch.

    Cyber bullying is going on in an orchestrated method , and in the case I mentioned here went to some one speaking about my Face Book page and a list of my friends on it which somehow indicated my guilt by association of being a bigot and such . I also received two emails from people in my personal Face Book account with the words similiar to stop or else .
    not sure what thast meant , but it does indicate at least the problems that you are speaking to here are real . when people hide behind the internet , it is hard to know if they are threatening you or just trying to intimidate , or just are using an acceptable way they believe to communicate.

  10. Because of cyberbullying and stalking/harassment I use my initials, not my name, when posting online, and will continue to do so when making public comments that might be misconstrued. It isn’t always easy to ‘hear’ the author’s intent or understand what the written word ‘says’ when you read through your own filters and beliefs, which can lead to misunderstandings and knee-jerk reactions (written responses) which causes a spiraling (down) of civil discourse.

    On the other thread/discussion on this topic located on the main Kitsap Sun site there is a link to an article in which others have discussed this exact issue… and as I was curious I did a check of the ‘net and see that the NYTimes discussed this issue just last year.

    I do hope you will write a full report of the discussion from the meeting this evening Mr Nelson, I’ll be interested in how the Sun will protect free speech and anonymity while promoting civility in the community.

  11. Sorry I cannot make it. I understand what Kelly is saying, I created a complete fake persona on the internet when I worked for the corp. You could easily get fired for posting an opinion online. I am now self employed and have never run into a problem, but a friend of mine said he had customers refuse to do business with him because of his opinions. I thought I was anonymous, but everyone seems to know who I am. Doh!

    Anonymous posting on story comments have become a cesspool. I imagine your staff is either sick of babysitting or they get a big laugh about it every day. I have certainly been guilty, several of my posts have been deleted. I have a red headed temper. ;-p

    My suggestion would be to require real names on story comments. Then have a separate discussion forum with anonymous screen names. Appoint user moderators and set some basic rules. You could create separate forums for politics, local issues, current events, sports, etc. You could have one forum for open discussion that is un-moderated and let the beasts run wild.

    If a person who is involved in a story wishes to comment, they are less likely to be personally attacked by some rabid troll if they have to use their real name. Less sophisticated users would be less likely to go to the discussion forums where conversation would be more provocative. But you still will attract that crowd and attention to your stories. User moderators could free your staff up from babysitting the masses…

    My two cents. Sorry I cheesed it and did not come. 🙁


  12. It is not clear to me how posting a public persona’s (registered candidate for public office) exact words and comments on a FB page is cyberbullying. It is merely exposing said candidate’s character traits in their own words and actions. In today’s world our online behaviors and actions speak volumes to the rest of the world. People who run for public office and wish to be taken seriously in today’s world should take care in their deportment both online and in person. It is really no different than pre-internet as in the days of the party line phones. You did not say things mean, ugly, or gossipy or of a highly private nature over the phone as you had no real privacy and you KNEW your words could be heard by others. FB ‘walls’ are not private. They are public. When you comment on a news agency’s FB wall or on their comments section you KNOW that others can and will read what you post. That is usually your purpose to write – in order to be read! So if someone who is running for office in today’s world of cell phones, IM, texting, Facebook, and Twitter…they should refrain from posting things about shooting their neighbors, using racial slurs, and posting bigoted comments about others on line. Both their constituents and their detractors are reading what they write.
    I usually counsel professionals and businesses and political entities that it is prudent to make sure that what you post can be read by one’s sensitive mother or aunt and not be at risk of drawing offense. If you can pass that test…you are ok…but if not…it is best to say nothing. Unfortunately, not all take heed of that advice and so they make themselves fair game to the public at large: especially those who wish to see them defeated in their campaign for office.

    Back to the Facebook page Character Counts – Defeat James Olsen – it is a repository of screen captures and publicly attained documents that tracked his public online behaviors and his bizarre actions in our Bainbridge Island Community that drew the attention of concerned citizens. It was not designed to get anyone else elected…merely to keep Olsen out of office. Comment was made to vote in a write in candidate Alex the Cat…The election is now over and now Olsen has stated as early as last week that he is campaigning again and counting down the days (650 was the count he gave)until election day. So HE has made himself to continue to be a public persona with that declaration. We as private citizens and concerned voters continue to ‘say what we hear’ him post online in order to hold him accountable to our community. If he were my neighbor and just a cranky old man at the corner coffee shop…I would simply ignore him. But for now he is not and until that day I and others will man our posts listening for more of his mean spirited, bigoted, racist, and misogynistic comments.

  13. Interested to hear about this Dave . I decided to no longer participate on the regular article or letter to the editor blogs . These Puget Sound Blogs appear to be better run . I believe I was complaining about the inappropriate comments while I made myself a VOLUNTEER to participate in the character attacks and such . Kind of like complaining about all garbage at the park then continue to go out of way to go the park everyday and look at it . I bad . Well I am youngster , still learning .

    Anyway .

  14. “Kind of like complaining about all garbage at the park then continue to go out of way to go the park everyday and look at it”

    Great analogy, Mick!

    Trouble is – if we don’t venture out, the nasty guys win and we don’t learn about the frogs or whatever they’re called. The professional jerk with an agenda wins and the rest of us lose to a paid jerk… nothing good except for his/her bank account from their employer.

    Unfortunately garbage spreads and pretty soon we’re knee deep in horse plucky…not good, Mick.
    Mucking stalls used to be a daily job – it never got out of hand.
    Thanks for the laugh, Mick – I was thinking untidy dog parks..
    Sharon O’Hara

  15. Just a quick update for you guys, sorry I’ve been out of touch. Immediately following Tuesday’s forum I left town for an editors’ meeting. I’ll have a post up with some follow up thoughts from the forum sometime tomorrow.


  16. FB ‘walls’ are not private. They are public. When you comment on a news agency’s FB wall or on their comments section you KNOW that others can and will read what you post.

    Some of the Facebook walls of media outlets contain vitriolic, profane, and insulting comments…and everyone is using their name.

  17. Registered Voter you are right about Facebook . I learned the hard way , but their are security protections you can put up that they give. I had someone from the character counts web page who from the Sun Blog got my name , actually email my facebook page . All he had to do was google my name and email me through my facebook page . He also stated he copied my list of friends on my page .
    Actually kept the email because it was threatening , but as S2B2 says who knows what he was really trying to say . I perhaps figured I believe he might have considered I insulted him when i questioned the validity of a page that uses inapproriate language to blame someone eles for using inapproiate language . Many people feel personally insulted when you come against say a position on abortion or their political beliefs . I just wrote a letter to the editor about supporting separation of church and state , it became a debate about religion being important or stupid , and if religion even helps people . Basically why we have separation of church and state actually , in the Middle East they fight it out , over here we just keep it out of government , and the government is suppose to stay out of it . But insulting the person’s religious belief or non religious belief is what ends up happening .

    But on the Character Counts page
    For instance there are comments from person and even one of the five democratic possibilites for Commissioner, Clarance Morawaki using the term tea bagger to reference other people in our community . The term itself is vulgar , can not even be used on the Sun’s Blog . The term was not used to describe James Olsen , but others on the page linked to James Olsen . I am not a Tea party political person , but I believe Character Counts would make more sense if the people on the page themselves considered calling others in the community names and slurs regardless if they were running for office or not. ?
    I was brought up different , I just think it is wrong to insult another persons religion ,race, ethincity , and such . Attributing chaaracter traits to a homosexual I find as bigoted as linking them to a religious person, a republican or democrat . Using a slur to describe people passionate about less government is honestly something we all should not even need to debate . Most of us should just know that is wrong .

    I understand the concern for freedom of speech . Just wish people could behave themselves better . I would vote for real names being used myself . Interesting though during pre revolutionary war days Sam Adams and others Sons of Liberty did use fictious names when they wrote to the local newspapers fearing the Brittish would retaliate.

    But again i would like to see in our communities at least a few places where we could come together , share differences , share our views based on right and wrong instead of right and left.

    I use to be Hippie . ;0)

  18. I don’t know the page to which you refer, but Moriwaki is quite a decent and intelligent man. It would be unfortunate if he fell prey to partisan name-calling in a public forum, though I’m certain he knows it could cost him in the political arena. Lessons learned…

  19. I supported the Japanese memorial he was behind . From what i understand there was side debate because the ACLU sponsored curicullum from the BI HS used an anology between what we did to the Japanese Americans and putting them into camps and linked it with the Patriot Act equating the two . In my opinion , and many others making a mockery of the evil did to the Japanese Americans . But the debate got twisted as BI seems to be able to do better then other areas.
    But yes I thought he was a stand up guy too till I read this , and looked at some of his other comments . I do realize when we believe we are alone we are not as PC that is needed in our PC world that both the left and right politically operate in . But the following I found offensive , and would expect him to apologize if chosen .

    Clarence Moriwaki ….I thank James Olsen for helping determine – in a supposedly tea-bagger inspired and energized conservative electorate this year – what is Kitsap County’s base GOP vote.

  20. After watching the online comments at the Kitsap Sun site and the other online area papers (Bainbridge Review, North Kitsap, etc) since this meeting notice was posted, I have come to the conclusion that it is not whether the person posting is anonymous or not, it is whether they take responsibility for their own (actions) words and follow the Terms of Use (which they presumably did at the time they signed up), then there is little problem. It is when users abuse the site’s ‘open forum’ that there is a problem. The onus then lies on the ‘owner’ of the site to monitor the posts (it is good (makes it easier) if there are tools such as ‘flags’ or thumbs up/down for other uses to highlight problems)…

    I do see that the forum video is now posted online, which I hope to find time to watch, however, I’d very much appreciate a written summary and possible ‘plan’ from the Editor on improving the discourse on the Kitsap Sun and related sites.

  21. Hey David,

    Any updates on this topic?

    The reason I bring it up is the fact that over this past year in my travels and involvements with the community, I have discovered that a majority of the real movers and shakers who are involved in making our fair community a better place communicate everywhere but on the Kitsap Sun Blogs. They have been so disenfranchised for so long, that it no longer occurs to them to even check back in to see if things have improved or to even think about posting any valuable information of their own.

    Lately I have been attending community building workshops, neighborhood groups and civic meetings. Bremerton is on the edge of a human driven revitalizing movement that includes having an ever increasing group of aware and involved residents meeting, discussing issues, problem solving and sharing news.

    A vast majority of these conversations that involve this human revitalization are occurring via personal and group Facebook pages or community blogs about as far away from the Kitsap Sun as possible. When given the opportunity I ask these group members about the Kitsap Sun and the blogs in particular. These are business owners, volunteers, professionals both public and private sector and so on. Everyone pretty much has something negative to say and that is putting it nicely. I appear so far to be the only person having something positive to say about it. People are looking for ways to build the community up not rip it apart. What should be the prime news source and first thought go to place for community information and sharing currently has a reputation that is almost past the point where it can be turned around.

    Heck, lately I have found even I am reading and posting here less and less. A great group of people I used to post with have also gone away or only now pop up with comments on the Sun on rare occasions. But that in no way means they are not posting or communicating. The conversations amongst many of us have just moved to Facebook. Where we are all still talking to each other about the same local stories and issues.

    I know this is not an easy issue to solve. I know that whatever path you take some group will not like it. But just letting it go is also having consequences. I also have a closer seat with more of a personal connection and awareness to many of the problems that the professional world of Journalism is facing between the rock and the hard place it is currently lodged. This gives me an interesting perspective and drives my real interest in continuing and improving the role local media plays as a community building and communication tool.

    Just my thoughts. Seemed like a good time to bring it up again.


  22. Colleen, Great post and spot on.

    I’d recently Emailed David about this topic and he shared this article from the Ventura County Star. Check it out.

    It dawned on me that forcing people to use real name on forums wouldn’t work because honest people would use their real names and the trolls will just create false identities.

    Here is my proposed solution to the problem. Comments on articles should have the same restrictions as a letter to the editor. The poster must use a real name and the posts should be reviewed by staff before posting online. Anyone who screams “free speech” should be told to publish their own newspaper because that is not free.

    Both positive and negative attention is good for the business of newspapers. So I’d suggest creating a separate anonymous forum not directly linked to articles. There people could talk about anything they wanted. Staff could select user moderators and these moderators could direct the flow of conversation. Folks who enjoy trolling and flaming could have a board for that. Folks who want to discuss community issues in a civil forum could have that too.

    This idea provides the best of both worlds…

    I’d love to hear any other ideas…


  23. Hey Robin,

    I like your ideas very much.

    I am also interested in seeing and hearing about the results and data collected via the pop up survey the Sun hosted when you logged on to the home page several weeks ago.


  24. I would suggest that the majority of the movers and shakers have always gone on with their ‘moving and shaking’ elsewhere. Once in a while we might congregate here over a hot button issue (NASCAR, Kitsap SEED, Education funding, elections, etc.), but for the most part it is a vocal minority which dominates the blogs here and in other countywide periodicals (Sound, KPBJ, etc.).

    Given the rising use of Twitter, Facebook, and numerous other tools, it is only natural users will spread their involvement across these channels: the added benefit is the ability to read other news and comments, share photos, and interact with friends or colleagues.

    Like many others, the vitriol (anonymous or otherwise) is one of the reasons I engage here much less. Another is that even civil discourse can become redundant, self-serving, or somewhat uninteresting as the same positions are rehashed. Nature of the beast in a smaller market I suppose. In any case, there is shrill commentary in Facebook as well, but one is able to delete, block, hide, or simply go elsewhere for more engagement. With the KS, it’s limited to this.

    Regarding the anonymity question, it’s been beaten to death and all points made. In the end, I hope Kitsap Sun will exercise more moderation so the more toxic participation is tempered.

  25. Of the two mentioned, I like Twitter.

    David, what do you think – do the blog posts fit in with and represent the position of the Kitsap Sun to inform and stay in business?

    Colleen, are the folks you mention generally readers of the Kitsap Sun or do they read more specialized newspapers?
    For example, the Sun is loaded with sports information I’m not interested in but I don’t stop reading it because I don’t appreciate all the school sports information.

    Do the folks at the meetings reflect the majority of Kitsap County citizens and does the readership of the Sun reflect those folks?

  26. RV very true. I agree more moderation should be exercised.

    It really all comes down to a marketing and operational standpoint of where the financial impact tolerance line is.

    Is the current environment of the comment forum driving down paid reader subscriptions?

    Is the current environment of the comment forum making it difficult to maintain or increase paid advertisers revenue levels?

    Will improving the environment of the forum with increased moderation even be possible with current staff numbers and or budget restrictions?

    The Sun is a for profit organization. Decisions will be based on and around certain profit tolerances if they expect to survive in their market or keep proving in the face of increased social and media alternatives their need or relevence to even exist at all.

    I very much want them to keep existing and think they are selling themselves a little short here by spending a little too much time on fence working out a solution. That is the main reason I brought it up again. Not to rehash the finer points of the issue but to see if a solution was still in their internal works. Once again just my amateur thoughts.

    Colleen Smidt

  27. Sharon, most read the stories about issues they are closely tied to and share the links when it is something important. Lots of links to individual publication stories appear frequently in other social media applications. I click on them all the time and appreciate them being brought to my attention. Very few casual readers venture beyond that and tend to avoid the comments completely even when they suspect there is more information and perspective to be had on the story in question that they might enjoy, relate to or pass along. That is just a plain waste.

  28. As Robin accurately notes, both positive and negative attention is good for the business of newspapers. Advertisers pay for eyeballs, and controversy sells. The question then becomes what Howry discussed in the VC Star article: at what point do accountability and responsibility play a primary role in how readers are served, thus bringing credit to the periodical where others might simply go for the numbers? Print subscriptions may well decline given the changing landscape and/or decision to clean up the coliseum, but other revenue options can be explored given the opportunities of social media.

    Several staff reporters have gone to freelance status, so I wonder what that means in terms of available revenue for increased moderation – not to mention staff.

    I guess I missed the survey, but I’d also be interested in the status of KS’s efforts on this issue. There does need to be some follow up with readers about proposed or intended solutions.

  29. If one of the staff freelancers is a video person or wanna be video person, I’d like to know if they are available to hire and to discuss the project?
    Simple – no big deal and the Sun has some really talented people.

    Thanks Colleen.
    Registered Voter … sometimes no answer is the answer. If junk volume and wordy speaking to hear themselves speak is important to the newspaper blogging bottom line, then we’ll get used to it and, if needed, opt not to post.

    As far as accountability and responsibility goes – we have to have that. The blogs should be about educating and being educated…in my opinion…looking at other points of view is important for any issue.
    Thanks to all who have enriched my knowledge and life through blogging posts… Sharon

  30. Controversy gets a publication noticed at times but really good writing, timely fact checked information and a good solid story carry their own weight.

    For instance the latest celebrity train wreck of the week may get my attention for a split second and then back to what I was doing not paying any attention to the publication it is in, but a good story or thought provoking editorial will make me hungry to look around the same publication for some more of the same.

    Otherwise every single journalist would be a millionaire working for US Weekly or the Enquirer:-)

  31. I think if journalists write because they MUST and follow their passion they’ll make money. How they invest it to millionaire status is another thing. In my opinion-not to be contrary!

  32. Sharon, I think we all agree regarding our individual options. The thrust of the issue is whether or not Kitsap Sun is happy with or can survive the results. The wordy redundancy isn’t as bothersome as the attacks and vitriol because at least individuals are trying to communicate in the former instance.

    Colleen, some of us can and do bypass the trainwrecks, but many don’t and news outlets thrive as a result. I’m thinking the KS reporters might love your premise that they’d potentially become millionaires on the basis of traffic, but that’s not how they’re paid. 😉

  33. Thanks for getting that little thread started again, guys. I’m glad Robin shared Joe Howry’s piece with you as well. I was out of the office Friday and away all weekend, so I’m just catching up now — not ignoring your questions.

    You mind if I start a new thread about this instead of just continuing on below? I bet we catch a few more eyeballs that way, since just few of you have an email alert set for these responses.

    One quick answer on RV’s last post: Just one staff person changed to freelance status recently, that was Angela Dice. It was completely her decision as a career step, not a budget cut of any sort, and we have replaced her with another editor. Just wanted to clarify that.

  34. P.S. just because I do not use the email follow up notification, does not mean I don’t folow up. It just means I already get so many emails I ignore, what is the point of a signing up for a notification I am most likely going to ignore in that moment because I already know that I am going to get around to checking for new posts later on my own time when I am in the mood for it anyways.

  35. I have thread notification because I probably wouldn’t check back without a lingering nudge somewhere in my inbox. In any case, I’m all for a new one on the topic.

    Appreciate the freelance clarification, David: the facts were different after coming down the pike. Thanks for popping in, and look forward to your reply.

  36. David – will the new editor fill all the same duties Angela did?

    Thanks for the update and congratulations on the Sun reporters investigative and winning articles in the recent journalistic awards.
    Thank you.

  37. One of things i like about Facebook from commenting a few times on Lary Copolla’s page is the ability the software has to stop the ability of having posts seen from those who perhaps get a bit too personal and vindictive . Lary likes to throw topics ut there and his diverse friends make comments . Lary has friends from all perspectives on his page .
    But with the ability for me personally not to read the post of a specfic poster on facebook , it allows that poster his First Amendment Right to insult my faith , orienation , race , creed and of course political views . Its like your in box you can your email page that allows you not to receive certain emails from certain advertisers or whatever . Thus my ability to share with people who will share an opinion without denigration is enhanced , and I don’t become like what I detest myself . Sometimes we fire back . Then you become just what your against . Just tried again to enter in some conversations on the Sun , love the ability to read more about the topic . Its a shame its such a cess pool . The cess pool comes from all of us unless you have a really thick skin .

    Hope Angela well , I believe she moderated by her personal views of what is correct or not politically. Manners and respect should be non partsian . I still can’t believe what she wrote to me , and then never followed up . I was being stalked on my Facebook page because I use my real name . The person who was doing this finally left the blog , and had all his comments removed somehow . He was embarrassed I assumed .

    If someone is called a bigot for supporting traditional marriage or if you mocked for being perverted if you support it in my way of thinking is equally out of bounds . Am I so old fashioned ?
    Not so with Angela . Or perhaps she has too many other jobs and she just could not handle it .

  38. Wow Mick. I think Angela always treated us (bloggers) with ‘Manners and respect’…not the person you are describing.

    She once pulled one of my blog posts and I explained my point..but there it was, a pulled post. We can’t take it personally.
    Is it possible there is a misunderstanding somewhere?
    Best… Sharon

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