Live Editorial Board with District 26 Senate Candidates

This afternoon (Wednesday) we’ll have Sen. Derek Kilmer, defending his Dist. 26 seat in the primary this August, in front of the editorial board with challengers Kristine Danielson and Marty McClendon.

We’re scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m. The live feed will be at We’ll archive it at

Kilmer‘s the Democratic incumbent from Gig Harbor, Danielson is a Port Orchard resident who filed a “no party” preference, and McClendon is also a Gig Harbor resident, running as a Republican.

Like I mentioned last week, we have some priority questions for the candidates and our community board members also are invited to ask what they’d like to know. But if you have any suggestions, post below and I’ll try to fit them in.


2 thoughts on “Live Editorial Board with District 26 Senate Candidates

  1. I had a great conversation with Derek Kilmer about education when he stopped by my house a couple of weeks ago while doorbelling.

    Questions I asked of him that I would like to see the others answer as well were:

    What is their position on the NEWS lawsuit (McLeary v State) ruling by a King County Judge, that is currently being appealed by the State Attorney General and their overall stand on Article IX, Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution in regards to “It is the paramount duty of the state to make ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders…”?

    What do they know about the massive financial burdens and restrictions that decades of legislated “unfunded mandates” place upon the average school district? What do they intend to do about solving this problem?

    My money and my vote will still go to Derek, but I am always interested in hearing what the challengers have to say. I may not always agree with Derek on all the issues, but I think he is still the best person for the job right now. And gasp! I am a known Republican voting for a Democrat. As far as I can tell, Hell has not frozen over yet.

    Go get’em Derek!

  2. Ask him his position on illegal immigration and if he will push to end state policies that encourage it (like DOL practices that have made Washington a mecca for illegals looking to obtain official driver’s licenses).

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