Politicos, It’s That Time Again…

We’ll have an item on tomorrow’s Opinion page introducing this season’s plan for editorial board interviews, but here’s your sneak preview.

Just like the 2009 campaign, our editorial board meetings with candidates will be shown live on our website, and archived for your review. The first is tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., with the three candidates for the 23rd District House seat.

That interview, and all others during the summer and fall, may be seen at www.kitsapsun.com/live-video. In the next few weeks we’ll also get our online elections database together, which we’ve used in the past to allow each candidate to express their views on the issues. Those questions are being prepared for circulation now, and I’ll let you know when the site lives again.

Here’s the piece going in tomorrow’s paper:

OUR VIEW | Political Season Begins on Kitsapsun.com

Well, the season has returned — not summer, despite the solstice passing on the calendar and a bit of warmth on Tuesday, but the start of political campaigning.
On Wednesday we’ll begin showing editorial board interviews live on kitsapsun.com, the second year we’ve added that to the Sun’s annual election coverage that we start planning after filing week is finished. We’re aiming to have all 2010 candidates in contested local races into our office at least once, and in some cases we’ll bring back those before the general election.
We began showing you our election interviews during the 2009 campaign for a few reasons: First, to uphold our mission of transparency by giving our readers a window into what our editorial board’s political endorsements are based upon; and also to offer voters another forum to hear from the candidates and help make an informed choice.
You’ll be able to watch each interview at www.kitsapsun.com/live-video, so bookmark that site and watch this page for announcements as we schedule more candidates. All video interviews will be archived on kitsapsun.com as well as we update our elections information, so if you miss a live discussion you’ll be able to review each candidate’s answers when you receive your ballot.
Our first meeting will be with the three residents aiming for the 23rd District House seat, currently held by Christine Rolfes. That race is between Rolfes, a Democrat from Bainbridge Island; James Olsen, a Republican from Bainbridge; and Aaron Winters, a Republican from Poulsbo.
We’ll begin the interview at 1:30 p.m., and our meetings usually last an hour. Our editorial page endorsements will not be published immediately, rather we’ll wait until closer to the time when voters have ballots in hand for the August 17 primary.
We hope you’ll join us online this week, and stay tuned for more as election season gets going.

4 thoughts on “Politicos, It’s That Time Again…

  1. Can your paper look further into the “green” works being pushed by Charlotte Garrido as written in yesterday’s paper?

    Two things…

    1. The story says the courthouse is receiving new windows. There was talk that the courthouse is scheduled for replacement. We were told the windows would pay for themselves in 20 years. If the building is scheduled for replacement prior – obviously – the amortization plan is based on a fallacy. What is the story?

    2. There is talk that the solar trash compactors are not working as advertised. Again, what is the true story on these?

    Thank you.

  2. David, will you be accepting and or using any questions submitted in advance from readers? I have a couple on State and Local Education issues I would like to see asked.

    Colleen Smidt

  3. My first post was off-topic… wanted to pass a request along to the editor. As for this… Please ask the candidates for their position on illegal immigration. Candidates for state and local office shouldn’t get a pass on it being a “federal issue” as we have seen myriad city and county councils pass sanctuary resolutions and calls for boycotts. One more thing to take into account when voting.

  4. Don’t worry about going off topic here, I’ll take a story suggestion any way they come. We already brought up the idea of quantifying and checking on those promises of savings. I had not heard of problems with the trash compactors. Do you have specifics?

    I’m happy to try and fit other questions in as well, so Colleen, or anyone else, fire away. I’ll try to announce each coming meeting here on the blog. Of course, the questions of our board take priority, but I try to always save time for a reader question when possible. We don’t use a video program with the live chat software any longer, if you’re wondering why that tool isn’t there.


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