‘Grown Locally’

My only regret from last night’s ‘Kitsap Conversations’ forum that I mentioned the other day? I didn’t get to use my “stage setting” quote by Wendell Berry in the introduction. And after all that research…

Didn’t need to use it, as it turned out. We had a full room at the Government Center and a lot of energy and participation from the audience and panel. They didn’t need me talking and slowing things down.

The video of the forum, in three parts so not to bog down your machine, is now up on the main page of the site. It’ll also be found on a story we’ll post soon, with some follow up information based on questions asked last night and an overview of topics covered. Watch for it on the kitsapsun.com/localfood page this afternoon. Angela Dice, our web editor, did a wonderful job of working with BKAT on the video and handled all of the technical aspects to pull it off.

The large crowd — and the fact everyone stuck around — told me the event was worthwhile and successful. We picked a topic ripe for conversation and those involved didn’t disappoint. One guy grabbed me afterward to say thanks, because he needed to know that others in the community care about the issue as much as he does. He saw that Tuesday night, and hopefully made some connections.

Thanks also goes to our panelists, and everyone who showed up. Like I mentioned earlier, drop a line if you have an idea for a future “conversation.”

And that quote? Didn’t actually take much research, Berry is one of my favorites. Here’s the one I think is a gem, from a 2002 essay: “To be interested in food but not food production is clearly absurd.”

For a night, at least, that wasn’t a problem.

One thought on “‘Grown Locally’

  1. I watched the video, probably won’t buy the tee shirt! and to be honest from the video the meeting appeared a bit flat and not over aspiring. Just my observation. The assembled panel presented their cases well, but oh, my pet hate Commissioner Garrido!!

    Why did she have to stick her oar in on every question from the floor and did her Sen. Boxer thing and slap down someone talking from the floor, not needed. I read through *Sound food* website and frankly support what folk are proposing here to increase small scale farming production.

    But, I still question why County commissioners need to be involved and a appointed committee when there are so many knowlegable local producers already at the helm? It looks to me that those involved in this “Grown locally” concept are doing okay without them!

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