Congressional Run Forces a Column Change

Tuesday’s opinion page did not include a column from Star Parker, who we typically pair with Richard Reeves. Parker has decided to run for Congress, in hopes of representing California’s 37th Congressional District. She’s unopposed in the Republican primary. Given that political involvement, her column will not appear on our pages for the duration of the campaign.

In Parker’s place Tuesday was a column by Ann McFeatters, a Scripps Howard columnist who has covered politics in Washington, D.C. for nearly 25 years. You’ll see McFeatters there for the immediate future, though we may try a few other voices out in that space over the coming weeks and months to see if there’s a better match.
If you’d like to suggest a columnist to see in that slot, or if you have feedback on McFeatters’ work, comment below or send me an e-mail:

— Another change you may have noticed on this page over the past month was the addition of a local editorial cartoon, which we’ve published here the past four Sundays.
Abell Smith, a Kingston illustrator, is the man behind that commentary, which has ranged from bikini coffee stands to state tax policy. We’ll feature a fifth from him this coming Sunday. The next decision is whether we retain that local editorial cartoon, a tradition the Sun has been without in recent years. Abell may be our guy, and I’m asking for feedback on that before we make the final call. E-mail address is above if you’ve got something to say.

— Finally, on Thursday morning we’ll host another live online editorial board meeting, so here’s fair warning. Rep. Norm Dicks will be in the Sun office for an interview, which you can tune in to and watch live at There will also be a window hosting comments during the video, to allow further discussion between viewers. We’ll begin at 9 a.m.

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