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Casper’s Pizza and Barbeque in Belfair

February 10th, 2011 by Leslie Gilbert

Recently my husband and I went to Casper’s Pizza and Barbeque in Belfair in the log plaza. Having stopped in earlier for a takeout menu we had high hopes for this place. As I walked in and took a good look around I knew the place had changed for the better. There was freshly painted walls and tables, while the owners had chosen some very delightful paintings for the walls. Now the place has a casual bistro feel to it. Complete with a chef in whites behind the counter. It has completely changed the atmosphere from the old place, which I won’t bother naming. It is clean and smells wonderful when you walk in. So we went up to the counter, ordered, took our number, and went to sit down.

We watched as the restaurants mascot ambled out. I have to say “Bossley” the Bulldog, is adorable and very friendly, though he does have an eye out for any unlucky pizza that might come his way. So you may need to watch out for that… just kidding he is a very polite dog and only gives the puppy dog eyes for pizza.

We continued to wait. Finally I looked at my husband and asked how long we had been waiting. We had to look at his phone log, he was talking to a friend when we arrived, and it had been 45 minutes. At this point we were looking at each other in disbelief and contemplating walking out and getting a frozen pizza at the grocery store. We then noticed the staff talking about our pizza so we waited. Not much longer and the pizza arrived. We mentioned to our pizza deliverer that it had been over forty five minutes and she apologized and said she would see what could be done.

After sprinkling some parmesan cheese on our pizza we both dug in. We ordered the “3 Cheese” Pizza. The crust was very wonderful. It had a slight char and was both crunchy and chewy. Mmmmm…. The sauce was very subtle I think it could use just a few more herbs, but it was good. The cheese was bubbly and hot and had a nice golden hue. As we were finishing up the owner came over to talk to us.

She was an extraordinarily nice woman, who explained her situation, they had just opened and things where not going as planned. They opened in December and where doing ok. They expected things to slow down in January and February, but not the amount that it had. Because of this they had to reduce the hours of most of the staff. The two pizza chefs that they normally had weren’t working that night, just her husband who is a pizza chef, but a very slow one at that. While he came up with great recipes he is not great at handling the fast pizza rush. They had a large party come in and so they used up all the pre rolled dough. While trying to catch up several more hungry people showed up, us among them.  So I urge you to get your pizza from there, but call in ahead so that it will be ready for you.

I enjoyed the pizza and hope that they get all of the kinks worked out and that they are around for a very long time. 

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