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My Dog The Cake Boss

House Cake DesignI think spring is really the Season of Cake…

What led me to this conclusion is that we always seem to use cake to help us celebrate many spring occasions (this is the season for Shamrocks, Easter Bunnies, Mother’s Day and Passovers) to help us party like it’s 1999. Most of us run out to the nearest outlet or bakery to get the picture perfect cake.

But this particular cake was for my husband and the theme was “Peach,” which is a huge joke in our house and all in fun as the kids frequently say to him “Can’t hear ya Peach.” (Which is a popular line from the movie “Finding Nemo”) when he tells them something they don’t want to hear or do.  So needless to say, we all got a great big belly laugh out of surprising him with his cake!

SLUYS' Bakery Poulsbo, WA-Photo Taken by Zachary Jachimowicz

But painfully enough, my design skills do not carry over to the baking world and I should have probably ordered my favorite cake for my hubby’s birthday which is the Champagne cake from Sluy’s Bakery in Old Town Poulsbo. This cake never disappoints me and I am surprised to learn that many people do not know what a champagne cake tastes like.

Anyhow, I wasn’t brave enough to try an internet Recipe For Pink Champagne Cake but if you try it let me know! It is fun to try and create cakes at home with family members and children, and they say practice can make perfect! It can also help you save some pennies on a rainy day – we are having plenty of those so you might as well find something creative to do inside the house right? And if you’re cake boss talented, the world should be your peach or oyster cake!

My dog Bo wanting cake!

Ya know, after watching shows like the cake boss I get all cake bossy and hallucinate that I am cake boss wonder woman and can actually make a real themed fluffy masterpiece.

Apparently not, but my dog loved it.

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Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish, Washington
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