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This Weekend Featured Artist: Berkeley Wilkins

"City" by Berkeley Wilkins

Between “Lisa Duties” this week I have been brainstorming for two days about how I want to showcase this very special artist.

Why? Because I think his art work is simply phenomenal.

"Vase" By Berkeley Wilkins & Mom's Favorite!

So… I have decided to just showcase Berkeley’s artwork with his pictures. They speak for themselves and they really don’t need me to say how great they are, so let me share them with you.

"Block" by Berkeley Wilkins
"Block" By Berkeley Wilkins

Berkeley’s mediums are drawing, painting; watercolors, oil pastels and charcoal. Can you believe he was 7 years old when he started creating for the public? He is 10 years old now. His work also includes winning a competition to design the title for his schools year book last year. How great is THAT?

"Leaves" By Berkeley Wilkins
"Leaves" By Berkeley Wilkins

What impresses me the most is that Berkeley’s parents (Kimberly and James Wilkins) have lovingly cultivated his creativity. Kimberly Wilkins states “We noticed he couldn’t see well when he was 4. After a series of doctor appointments, it was determined that he has a retina disease. He has had 4 surgeries to stop bleeding in his retinas. He also has a cataract now. He started drawing at an early age and clearly had talent for it. We put him in many art classes at the Torpedo Factory in Old Town Alexandria (VA) with real artists who taught him styles of the masters.”

"Potted Plant" By Berkeley Wilkins

The Wilkins are a strong family and they both have very demanding jobs (and more of Berkeley’s siblings to take care of) but they do find time to walk and support the cause to help save and restore sight to the other 10 million Americans living in darkness.  Kimberly’s team is walking in support of Vision Walk and her team’s motto is “there is a cure in sight”.

"Quail" By Berkeley Wilkins

Besides showcasing Berkeley’s wonderful artwork today, I am positive he would want me to send a special shout out from him to his awesome cousins who live in Seattle. Berkeley’s artwork will be very famous now- sooo if he comes to Seattle soon, let’s make sure he signs his autograph on something ?

Just don’t write on your cousins Berkeley!   K? 🙂

Berkeley Wilkins

Berkeley Wilkins you are an inspiration to all and thank you for sharing your wonderful artwork with us.  Have a great weekend!

Kimberly Wilkins Team Vision Walk is on May 8th 2010. Donations can be done on the Vision Walk website located here.

Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish, Washington
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