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The summer event that will fit YOU to a T

Tea isn’t just for parties anymore, you can cook with it, use it in your garden and sleep soundly with it.  This is why I am so excited to tell you about the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening at Sugar and Spice Tea Company!



The ribbon cutting will be an open house for the public with delicious samples of several house blend teas and a mix of the new menu dessert offerings.  I have to tell you that the baked goods are to die for and I just happened to  learn that one of the most popular teas of the shop is the Dr. Blue Who (local whovians clamor for it) AND  they were the total  inspiration for the real life Tardis bathroom that has become a tourist photo hot spot.


At the event you will also be able to meet the awesome Mayor of Poulsbo. They will cut the glorious ribbon at 5pm with photo opportunities available. The public is welcome and encouraged to tour the new tea room, sample the new menu items and meet the proprietors, staff and vendors of the tea shop.

Sugar and Spice Tea Company was founded with high standards and expectations of achievement.  Their primary initiatives are helping the community by educating everyone about the health benefits of tea, showcasing local artists, offering locally grown and prepared foods and hosting fun family (free popcorn) event nights.

971330_202687996549479_1991091980_nSugar and Spice Tea Company proprietors believe that every partner and customer should have an equal opportunity to flourish, be healthy and social.

The tea shop has also been very instrumental in providing a new, fresh community atmosphere that helps new residents network and meet new people.

I hope that you will mark your calendar for the greatest event of the summer. See you there!

What: Ribbon Cutting, Free Desserts, Tea Education, Local Artists, Vintage Items, Free Tea  &  Community Mayor Networking Fun.

Where: 18928 Front Street in Historic Downtown Poulsbo

When: August 8th 2013 at 5PM

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2 thoughts on “The summer event that will fit YOU to a T

  1. So excited this event is happening. So proud to know and have the opportunity to publicly show our support for Christine and all involved with Sugar and Spice Tea Company! Congratulations to you all. We will do our best to stop by that day.

  2. Thank you for the kind word Patricia! We can feel the momentum and the excitement growing each day as the event grows closer. Cannot wait to see you! Keep on YAKING! hahaha

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