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How to Have an Epic Year

If you’re like me you might have had a beautiful holiday but are now feeling a little cranky about all of the work involved to help you meet all of your New Year resolutions.  I think because of the many changes in our society right now- it might be important to go back to the basics of living:

  • Don’t answer your emails before coffee. This is very important. Why? Because before coffee you might be tempted to fire off a bad email response to the stupid person on the other end. That is not beneficial to your well being, job, or relationships. Just trust me on this one.
  • Looking for a job? Make looking for a job your new job and you will find a job. Pretty simple, huh? This is mainly directed to the 16-25 crowds of “well I interviewed but they never called me back” syndrome. You send a ‘Thank You’ note and YOU call back. Pretty ‘epic’, huh? Make sure you use the word ‘epic’ in every sentence, too! It is epic impressive.

  • If you’re a baby-boomer start putting money in your mattress for retirement. Banks can’t be trusted. Apparently, baby boomers have been great spenders. Many have depended on their houses as retirement funds but now with properties not worth as much there is no equity to be had for awhile. To get Social Security full payout you will have to work till age 70. Don’t believe me? Read the news. and (for the record) I love mature workers in places like McDonalds. The service is so much better and I am never missing any fries. Seriously.

Which reminds me…

  • Believe everything you read on the internet, especially if you are having a debate about something. You most likely can win, because you probably can find anything to support a theory or debate in your favor, (because as you know) the internet is always correct. Don’t worry about quoting reputable sources as they probably won’t have the facts you need to win your point! Just quote the internet by saying “Well, I read it on the internet” case closed.  You won and of course winning is the most important thing. Insert sarcasm <here>.

  • Don’t say “I am going on a diet”.  It’s just a set up for failure. According to the Journal of Preventive Medicine “you need 150 minutes of moderate exercise to stay healthy”.  So walk your dog, if you do not have a dog, walk your kid, if you do not have either, borrow one or the other (go for the dog). It’s a win-win situation.

  • Most millionaires are frugal. Get as much free stuff as you can. Yeah, it’s cool to ‘recycle’ and ‘go green’ blah, blah, and blah but the truth is sometimes hard to publicly admit; free stuff is good. If you get on free cycle and craigslist before you purchase any items and use coupons for food it can be like a great video game. Think of the person who takes your money as the enemy. Zap them with your coupons. It leaves more money for more important things – like building a bomb shelter.
  • Date night is good. Don’t let finances get in the way. If there isn’t any room in the budget for date night (because your savings are under your mattress for retirement, remember?) you can always hit up the local free community meals. Check your local churches. It gives you a chance to get away, be appreciative of what you have, and meet new people in your neighborhood. It can be a breath of fresh air and produce unique opportunities to give back.
  • Grow something (nothing illegal, of course). Particularly, replace one food item that you normally buy to something you can grow.  If you have very little ground space you can grow vegetables in hanging planters. Lettuce is a good choice among many. Seeds are relatively inexpensive at the Dollar Store.  If you absolutely cannot grow something then buy something from your local farmers market. At least you’ll be supporting the local economy. Help your family become more self sufficient and help the environment.

I hope this unique list has helped de-crankify you to enjoy your family, enjoy nature, and make it an epic year. Humor and sarcasm always help!

Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish/Poulsbo, Washington
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One thought on “How to Have an Epic Year

  1. I think some of these tips might make my stress-level decrease expecially after the holidays. I agree that its very important to start saving money now! Very good advice and I look forward to your future blogs.

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