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Sell me a song

Holiday Bazzar Lisa J Booth at the House of Awakening Suquamish, WA December 2010

I think due to the recent economic( fun times) is the reason that I have noticed more people in Kitsap County selling crafts and services to supplement  income and have a little fun. Most vendors I have met have day jobs and are turning hobbies into cash.

Being a new vendor I have also noticed there are certain things that add up to success for selling goods and services in a local public environment.

As simple as these things may sound doing some very basic things can add up to success in a very short time.

  • Bring your own lunch.  It is very easy to get caught up in spending your cash on food. Bringing you  own lunch will keep your spirits high and will help you meet and greet your customers.
  • Bring change. I get change for at least a twenty dollar bill. It is a cash vending world for the most part.
  • Price items so there is something for everyone. Children especially love being able to buy a little trinket at your booth for $1 or $2 and it won’t break the parents pocket book.
  • Follow the height and light rule. Make sure your products are as close to eye level as possible and that there is enough lighting to shine on your products.
  • Bags or packaging. People often shop bazaars or festivals to buy unique gifts for others so make sure you have an attractive box or bag so they can give it as a gift.
  • Don’t be mean to your competition. Artisans can often learn tips and enjoy each others designs, so being friendly will help you gain more knowledge about other shows and other valuable information.
  • Business cards and website is a must nowadays. This will allow you the potential opportunity to gain a warm market with repeat customers. They will appreciate the option of being able to purchase more of your goods easily online.
  • Share a booth with another vendor that has product that compliments your product. This will help you gain more traffic as customers will stay longer at your table because they have more variety. People love choices!
  • If you share a booth, be respectful of space and make sure there is equal amount of space for everyone. Make sure all of your products have prices on them in case you have to go to the bathroom or want to visit other vendors. Sharing will help make sure someone is at the booth at all times. Do not interrupt or chime in regarding the sale of another vendors items. It is just rude.
  • Small talk is OK with visitors and is usually welcomed- but remember visitors are going to each booth and sometimes they just like to look without engaging in conversation. It gets tiring for them, so be pleasant and smile and say hello.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself. This will attract more visitors to your booth and they will wonder what you are up to- not to mention that having a craft/ hobby is on the top of the list to relieving stress ( other than getting a pet) so if you do not have a hobby, maybe it is time to get one?       🙂

Do you sell craft items? I would love to hear more tips- so comment below. Happy Selling!

Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish/Poulsbo, Washington
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