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Did you survive round one of Kitsap SNOWAPALOOZA?


I know I did. Kinda.

Last Monday I started a new job which was also the day of our Kitsap SNOWAPALOOZA. I drive my husband and daughter to there bus stops ( as we live in the woods now and both bus stops are too far to walk) lucky me!

At 6:10 it was cold and clear and very dark.

At 7:10 my daughter sais” It is snowing” I say “no it is not” with mom attitude to ward of the ” Can I stay home?” questions from my sweet 14 year old (Emily).

9 something AM. I hear the cat door opening and closing and my dog Bo keeps running up to me back and forth snorting and prancing around, I am like what is your problem?  He is getting in and out the cat door. Not realizing the baby gate is off the back steps for some unknown reason and he could of taken off running down the street (which he usually does) but amazingly he didn’t!

I guess he was trying to tell me IT IS SNOWING MOMMY!?  Being a Husky/Sheppard mix this of course would cause him to run to around like a crazy maniac- kinda like his tail is on fire or something (as he as only seen snow in 2008) so it has been awhile!

As he is running around the house like a maniac, ( I still do not realize the baby gate is down) and then…quick break from emailing people ( I am trying to feel professional) I get up to get a cup of coffee,  and I look out the kitchen window and there is Bella ( white Sheppard/Husky) loose in the snow in the backyard and it IS SNOWING!

Big, big SNOW!  Like it used to snow when I lived in upstate N.Y.  I  am thinking I should be tougher than this, but this storm had all the makings for a real disaster. Ice, Wind and freezing temperatures in a area that does not have the same kind of snow response that eastern climates have. Then on top of that you have the inexperienced snow drivers..more on that later 🙂 But you can all buy a snow brush here, K? colors may vary.

I mean really…this is one of the main reasons why I moved from upstate N.Y. I like the rain, mmm the snow??  NOT so much!

Then Bella (white dog..blends in with the snow) spots me looking at her and she hauls tail around the house and down the street. I get my keys, run to the car and drive down the street, the minute she sees me she hops in the car, like “OH, sorry.. I was just kiddin Mom”. By this time I am soaked and cold.

Fast forward… of course I then have to sit  for the high school bus (which is an hour late) thankfully they drove slow for safety.  My daughter is giddy. We are not gonna have school tomorrow! Ya think? A ten minute drive at this point takes me 20 minutes.

The the real fun begins. I went to wait for the worker bus..sat there for almost five hours in the snow. I had the pleasure of seeing electric poles explode and trees fall around me and the white outs from hell. Nevermind that my husband is stuck on a bus on an off-ramp K? People were nice that passed me and almost everyone stopped to make sure I was O.K. Finally, about 9:15 pm a neighbors car rolls up with my husband.  A tree was covering Clear Creek road and the bus couldn’t pass it so they drove under it!

Mind you, we have had no power for most of the day, so my Internet and phone are down. Nice way to start a new job.

With all of the drama I have forgotten to eat.

Luckily, I had a pound of hamburger thawed in the refrigerator. We are cold and hungry at this point, so my husband started the wood stove and made it roar so we could cook dinner on it.We bickered about what we were gonna have for our creative meal. I wanted something we could all eat and he wanted to cook separate things. I won of course and while eating it I am thinking that this is the best meal I have ever had! Guess I was desperate, but it was really good.

Lisa’s No Power Wood Stove Hamburger Recipe

1 pound of Hamburger

Half a bag of Egg Noodles

2 Cans of Mushroom Soup

1 can of Mixed Vegetables

Half a pkg. Cream Cheese


Fry hamburger on skillet. Heat up Mushroom Soup in large sauce pan. When the soup is hotter than hot get your pot holders out. Add noodles ( the hot soup will soften them)  Add fried Hamburger meat. Use candle to make sure hamburger meat is done with no red parts…then add cream cheese, mixed veggies and season to taste.

Feeds 4-5 People. Did you eat anything weird during Kitsap SNOWAPALOOZA?

Martha eat your heart out. Enjoy!

Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish/Poulsbo, Washington
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