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Let’s see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars?

And Kitsap County?

Don’t let the economy, lack of idea’s, or know -how stop you from enjoying what spring and summer can do for the outside of your home or apartment. People are always giving away plants and other garden goodies on sites like Craigslist and Free cycle. So if there is a will there is a way to create a plant and flower oasis for you, your family, and the people who may visit you. It will make you feel good to be in beautiful surroundings at your own home and shed all of that rainy dark winter.

I don’t know about you but I have the plant passion fever right now and I have found ways to do it economically that will allow for good herbs, vegetables and flowers.  I like to mix herb plants with a couple of flowers, rocks and usually a shiny piece of art or glass. I do not think plants, veggies, herbs and outdoor design in general should cost a lot of money and right now most people are being money conscious about extra expenses. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy outdoor design delights in color and function.

Dollar Store Seeds

I get my seeds from the dollar store at 4/ $1.00 and I don’t think you can’t beat that price with a garden stick right?  I am also a fanatic “as seen on TV” person and found the min water globes. I don’t think mine works right but for a buck it is so…VERY pretty! See it in blue in the above picture…

Things you can add to your garden to delight you are plant signs, rocks, beads, and marbles to make for interesting effects to the design and plants.

As far as plants, I like and seriously need low maintenance. I purchased pansies ( I got mine from the nice people at Valley  Nursery in Poulsbo)  which are very hearty and bloom well into summer. They can also survive a little bit of the cold nights like we are still having. I also love hens and chick succulents (which is the pointy plant on the left in the picture below). These grow anywhere and multiply very quickly. They love containers and often love to multiply in them. They are available in seeds or plants but if you know someone who has them in their garden you can ask for a baby hen and you will be filling containers and gardens with tons of them in no time. These also transplant from location to location well, as I have transplanted them to three different Kitsap towns but I must warn you…

Chicks and Hen Succulents, Oregano, and Pansies

If you live in Bremerton you may want to get permission from the chicken politic people to have these hen and chick plants! Hahahaha sorry (don’t be a hater) but I couldn’t help myself on that big chicken!

My Chocolate Mint Plant,Purple and White Pansy & Chives w/my homemade rain chain.

I also am homing chocolate mint, oregano and chives. Even though I am a renter I will be growing (from seed) squash, lettuce and sunflowers. The lettuce will be in hanging containers on my back deck and my Sunflower seeds are going straight into the ground on the sunny side of the house. I will worry about thinning them out later (the less work the better right now) right?

Special Lisa Sunflower outside Garden Art Picture in progress

Anyhow, when you are planting make sure you sing …

”Fly me to the moon Let me sing among those stars.. Let me see what spring is like… On Jupiter and Mars “   or just listen to the video below to get in the planting design mood. Enjoy Designing!

I hope you create something meaningful that will help you enjoy every single day of your life.


Look at the pretty pictures for more container and plant ideas.

Money Savings $$$ Valley Nursery has a rewards program for plant bucks Location Poulsbo, WA

Support Urban Chickens In Bremerton

Check Any dollar store on the planet for pots, garden pretties and water globes! Not to be confused with gnomes 🙂

If you would like to be showcased in the Kitsap Sun Designs of the Times Blog please email me here.  I would love to hear from you.

Lisa Jachimowicz
Suquamish, Washington
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