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Taking Seattle by Storm

Yesterday, we discussed women in the locker room. Today, we discuss women athletes. Particularly those who have made their mark in Seattle sports history.

The 2010 Seattle Storm were nearly perfect. They are being heralded as one of the best WNBA teams in history. Unbeaten at home and sweeping away Atlanta in the finals. Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird have now brought two championships home to Seattle. If they were an NBA, NFL, or MLB team in this town, can you imagine the frenzy?

I maintain that Jackson and Bird deserve to be placed among the elite professional athletes in this city’s history. No other athletes have had the impact in their sport (other than Ken Griffey Jr) AND the championships that these two have. I know it’s women sports and many don’t think it rivals the men. Hogwash (not quite Rex Ryan, but you get my point)!

Jackson and Bird have been among the elite players in the league as well as internationally. They have two rings. Yet, even with a parade tonight, this city (and the nation) still has a ways to go to get them to the respect level they deserve.

I’ve watched and followed pro sports in Seattle since 1973 when Spencer Haywood and Fred Brown graced the Seattle Center Coliseum. I watched as a kid the Seahawks and Mariners form and develop from expansion teams. In my 37 year history as a Seattle sports addict, I now present a new Top 10 list of greatest pro athletes in this city…

1 – Ken Griffey Jr.

2 – Steve Largent

3 – Randy Johnson

4 – Ichiro

5 – Lauren Jackson (10 years, 19.5 ppg career average, 47% FG, 51% 3 pf %,7-time all-star, 2 rings)

6 – Walter Jones

7 – Edgar Martinez

8 – Matt Hasselbeck

9 – Fred Brown

10 – Sue Bird (9 years, 12.5 ppg, 5.6 assists/game, 5-time all-star, 2 rings)

I think they deserve a spot. What about you?

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The Perfect Storm

OK…I know there is one more game to win, but let’s give some credit where it is due. Seattle is a basketball town and the Storm have ably filled the shoes of our now departed Sonics. Kudos to the ownership group that wrested control away from Clay Bennett. I don’t think Bennett wanted the Storm, however in the WNBA world, the Storm are unique as there are only 2 independent (from the NBA) owned teams.

They definitely have the star power with Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, and Swin Cash. One more win and they will have 2 WNBA titles in the last 5 years. Go Storm!

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Hawks and Huskies and a Little Storm

While the V-Mac in Renton resembles a Chinese fire drill, Montake won’t be pulling the emergency fire alarm.

The Seahawks continue to mold their 53-man roster, definitely proving that they are in a rebuilding frame of mind. Julius Jones must feel like the famous Mark Twain quote about the “reports of his death being greatly exaggerated,” as the reports of his dismissal from the team being erroneous. What isn’t wrong is that he’s not the main man at running back anymore as that title goes to Justin Forsett. He isn’t even the #2 guy undoubtedly, but he still has a place on the squad. #6 pick Russell Okung won’t be playing on Sunday as he is still injured. Matt Hasselbeck better have his rear view mirror working as his blindside may be in danger. The most interesting pickup for me this weekend was 337-pound offensive guard Stacy Andrews. This guy could be a real help on what has been a light offensive line that is being turned into a larger one. Andrews may be the best acquisition of the several new faces.

The Huskies didn’t snap their nearly 2 year losing streak on the road and sounded (no TV…really?) like they played an awful 2nd half. But, not to jump to conclusions. BYU is a very solid team, especially at home. This was no gimmie, in fact they were 3-point underdogs going in. This week at home against Syracuse is a different story. This is a “must-win” for a team looking to get to a bowl game again. They must hold serve at home, particularly against oponents that they are supposed to be better than. I expect a different game and a different outcome.

Shame on me for having not blogged on the Seattle Storm most of the year. As a former high school girls basketball coach, that is inexcusable. The Storm have been the best team in the league and proved it over again in the playoffs, as they reach their second WNBA Finals. Yes, I know they don’t get quite the respect they should in this town because the sport is not considered in the same breath as the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The reality is that they brought this city a professional championship a few years ago, there coach is perhaps the best in the league, and they have three of the top players in the league in Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird, and Swin Cash. As they head into the finals, I will be spending more time covering them and their quest to win their second title. Heck, I may even need to find a ticket to the Finals. That may be our only opportunity for a few years!

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Seattle Sports Stars Over the Decades

I realized as we started a new decade a few days ago, that I embarking on my fifth decade of feverishly following sports.  I remember 1973 (8 years old) watching a still young Supersonics franchise led by Head Coach Bill Russell. The Seahawks and Mariners didn’t exist, so I adopted the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Reds until the local teams showed up.  It was 1974 when my dad took me to my first University of Washington game against the hated Oregon Ducks (and we won).

As the Seattle Sports Star of the year turns 75 in 2010, I thought I would put together my own personal players of my decades.  I look forward to your “nominations” and push back. That’s what makes sports fun. Please make sure to comment on this site so everyone can participate, comment, and debate…


UW – Joe Steele

Sonics – Fred Brown

Seahawks – Jim Zorn

Mariners – Julio Cruz

Coach – Lenny Wilkens (Sonics – 1979 NBA Champs)


UW – Jacques Robinson (Nate’s dad)

Sonics – Tom Chambers

Seahawks – Steve Largent

Mariners – Alvin Davis

Coach – Don James (UW – 9 bowl games and no losing seasons)


UW – Marques Tuiasosopo

Sonics – Gary Payton

Seahawks – Cortez Kennedy

Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr.

Coach – Lou Piniella (multiple playoffs – saved team along with Junior)

* Honorable Mention to George Karl (Sonics – NBA Finals)


UW – Jake Locker

Sonics – Ray Allen

Seahawks – Walter Jones (I dare you to argue. First ballot Hall of Famer; dominated the LT position for the decade)

Mariners – Ichiro Suzuki

Storm – Lauren Jackson

Coach – Mike Holmgren (Super Bowl XL, 4 NFC West titles)

Overall DW Stars:

UW – Marques Tuiasosopo

Sonics – Gary Payton

Seahawks – Steve Largent

Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr.

Storm – Lauren Jackson

Coaches – Don James and Mike Holmgren

I admit, I will need help with the Sounders. I’m not a soccer guy, but I’ll try.

OK…who are your picks?