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My Oh My…So Long Dave

The voice of two generations of Mariners fans was silenced today.

Hall of Fame broadcaster Dave Niehaus passed away in his home in Bellevue today after suffering a heart attack. He was 75 years old.

I remember vividly being glued to my transistor radio on April 6, 1977. Diego Segui threw out the first pitch against the California Angels and the Mariners eventually lost 7-0. I was transfixed by the voice of Niehaus. For 33 years I listened to games, most o them losses, but it didn’t matter because Dave Niehaus was in a league of his own. I am stunned and sick by his loss. Prayers are with his family, friends, the whole organization, and Mariner Nation. The best way I can memorialize him in this blog is to end with his most famous (and perhaps the most famous Seattle) call of all time. Game 5 against the hated Yankees on the American League Championship Series in 1995 (courtesy of ESPN)…

“Right now, the Mariners looking for the tie. They would take a fly ball, they would love a base hit into the gap and they could win it with Junior’s speed. The stretch … and the 0-1 pitch on the way to Edgar Martinez, swung on and LINED DOWN THE LEFT-FIELD LINE FOR A BASE HIT! HERE COMES JOEY, HERE IS JUNIOR TO THIRD BASE, THEY’RE GOING TO WAVE HIM IN! THE THROW TO THE PLATE WILL BE … LATE! THE MARINERS ARE GOING TO PLAY FOR THE AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP! I DON’T BELIEVE IT! IT JUST CONTINUES! MY OH MY!”