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Giants, Cowboys, and Rangers Oh My!

I apologize for being so long without posting. Life often gets in the way of blogging, so I hope to improve.

A belated observation…

Last spring, if you would have told me that the cities of Dallas and San Francisco would be embroiled in a sports championship series, I would have bought that. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49’ers were both pegged to be contenders for the Super Bowl, and could likely face each other in an NFC Championship game.

As it turns out, the San Francisco Giants and the Texas (Dallas-based) Rangers  squared off in the World Series. The eventual champion Giants weren’t thought to be a playoff team, and although the Rangers were, they had never been to a World Series and their pitching was suspect. Turns out the Niners and Pokes were suspect.

The Giants won their first World Series since transplanting to the West Coast and the 49’ers are 2-6 after losing their first 5 games. The Rangers made their first World Series in franchise history and the Cowboys are in shambles with only one win and the loss of their QB.

Sports is strange. The Huskies and Seahawks lost by a combined score of 74-3 over the weekend, which was tough here in Seattle. It still beats being a Cowboys or 49’ers fan, though…

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Hall of Fame Game Signals Kick Off to 2010 Season

Just some random digressions about the NFL and the upcoming season:

1 – The NFL is a better league when Dallas, Oakland, Washington, and at least one of the New York teams are good. The Cowboys are the ultimate polarizing team. You either love or hate, with few in between. I fall in the hate category even going back to the days when Drew Pearson pushed off Nate Wright of the Vikings to catch the infamous “Hail Mary” pass from Roger Staubach. Da’ Raiders and Raider Nation is the NFL. In the glory days of this organization, there was no more feared team. We need the swagger back. The Redskins have such great tradition and “oh by the way” reside in our nation’s capital and are the arch rival of the Pokes. Finally, New York being the biggest apple of this country needs to have a contender. This year, it looks like the Jets.

The Cowboys and Jeys will be good. The Raiders are improving in a weak division, and the Redskins at least made a big splash with Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb. Might be interesting to see how these 4 teams fortunes play out when December rolls around…

2 – The new collective bargaining agreement must settle this rookie salary mess. When Sam Bradford makes more money than bith Tom Brady and Peyton Manning before even taking a snap, lunacy prevails. I don’t even think Bradford will be a Pro Bowl player. Something must be done with slotting like the NBA did. Otherwise, as contracts like Brady and Manning come up, the dollar amounts are going to be out of control. Oh wait a second….they already are!

3 – Lots of commentary on moving to an 18-game season. I will admit I watch virtually no pre-season games. I hate them. However, I’m still not sure I like the 18-game idea. I was all for the move to 16-games about 2 decades ago, and the bye week works. Not sure about the additional two yet.

4 – Is Brett Favre playing in 2010. My answer – yes.

5 – My early season picks for the Super Bowl are Minnesota (with Favre) and the NY Jets. If Favre doesn’t play due to retirement or injury, I like New Orleans to get back. Funny, this is a QB league and Mark Sanchez isn’t a sud (yet). However, the defense may be the best in the league, the offensive line is stacked, the running game is very good and now they have added Santonio Holmes to Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery to the receiving corp. As long as they stay healthy, I think they will win it all.

6 – My Seahawks pick? 9-7 and finish being the Niners. Okay, maybe a little homer in there, but if #8 stays upright, he’s the best QB in the division with Kurt Warner retiring.

Your comments and thoughts are always welcome. Are you ready for some football?

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