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Fixing the Pro Bowl

I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl since 1979.  It has to be the worst all-star game ever.  It’s after the season, the players are either beat up or off for 2 months.  It’s a high-risk injury factor for nothing. Teams must hate it; players don’t want to be there; nothing’s on the line. Yuck.

Moving the game to the week before the Super Bowl was as smart as New Coke.  When David Garrard is now a Pro Bowl player after a mediocre at best year, that tells you everything.  The people who suggested this format should be fired.  Or worse, make them watch the game!

I heard an excellent solution by former Husky turned radio analyst Brock Huard on ESPN 710 Seattle.  Turn the Pro Bowl into a skills challenge.  No contact; minimal chance for injury; competitive (which is what fans want); fun; and even the Super Bowl participants will compete (as long as its after the game).

As for me, I will pull myself away from the TV so there’s no chance I can even catch a glimpse or score, slog through the rain to Safeco Field, and attend Mariners Fun Fest.  Play ball…


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The Weedin Jersey Curse – Why I Won't Be Getting a Locker or Lee Jersey for Christmas

I’m ecstatic about the two huge news items of the week – Jake Locker’s return to Washington for his senior season and the impending Cliff Lee trade to the Mariners.  But, don’t expect me to run out and get their jerseys or put them on my Christmas list.  Why?

It’s the curse.

You’ve heard of the Curse of Babe Ruth and the Boston Red Sox.  You’ve probably even heard of the Curse of the Billy Goat and the Chicago Cubs.  I never put much credence into curses until it happened to me.

Every jersey I ever bought or have been gifted has spelled doom for the player.  Here’s the evidence…

1 – Brian Bosworth.  Right after he became a Seahawk in 1987, I went out and purchased a #55 jersey.  The next thing you know, The Boz is getting run over by Bo Jackson and run out of the NFL after 3 years as a bust!  24 career games and 4 sacks.  Nice.

2 – Mark McGwire.  I am a huge baseball fan and I was mesmerized by the Big Mac-Sammy Sosa home run chase in 1998.  My daughters bough me a McGwire jersey.  The next thing you know, he becomes a poster child for the performance-enhancing steroid era and his reputation is out the window.  Nice.

3 – Michael Sinclair.  After Sinclair led the Seahawks and the NFL in sacks in 1998, he signed a big new deal.  I went out and bought a white #70 jersey.  This was a no-brainer.  Great guy, great player, lifetime Seahawk.  The next thing you know, he develops diabetes and is out of the NFL three years later never having come close to double-digit sacks again. Nice.

4 – Deion Branch.  Right after the Seahawks traded for Branch, he became the big new name on the team, wearing his lime-green gloves. I received his #83 jersey as a Christmas present in 2006. This was going to break the curse.  The next thing you know, Branch has become the oft-injured Hawk who has never materialized into the player we expected or was when he was with New England. Today, he’s barely hanging on as a reserve.  Nice.

Note – I did buy a #7 Brock Huard University of Washington jersey (see photo) AFTER he left for the NFL. It was on clearance and I got it for a great price.  I hope the curse didn’t have anything to do with the multiple head injuries that cut short his NFL career.


Anyway, you can see my problem.  As much as I want to support these guys, I can’t take the chance and have that on my conscience.  Maybe I just need to go out and buy a Larry Fitzgerald, Vladimir Guerrero, or Oregon Duck jersey so it will curse them.


it will probably backfire.  And then I’d be stuck with them, too!

If anyone knows how the Curse of the Bambino was broken, give me a call!


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