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Seahawks Take Lead in NFC West

Well, at least you can definitely say these aren’t your 2008 and 2009 Seahawks.

A week after being humiliated at home by the New York Giants, the Hawks traveled to Phoenix and essentially knocked the Cardinals out of the NFC West race. Matt Hasselbeck threw for 333 yards and the offense went for over 500. I can’t remember the last time we saw that type of output on the road. And, I hope you’re sitting down, the Hawks have 2 road wins and we’re only halfway through the year!

Arizona is three games behind the Hawks with only seven to play thanks to to the season sweep by the good guys. Basically, if the Seahawks win three winnable home games against Kansas City, Carolina, and St. Louis, the Cardinals would have to go 6-1 to beat them. They won’t do that with either Derek Anderson or Max Hall. Game over for them. San Francisco knocked off the Rams in overtime giving Seattle sole possession of first place, and keeping there hopes alive. If Seattle can win in SF, they would basically eliminate the 49’ers.

A few thoughts following the game:

  1. Pete Carroll is a difference maker as a coach. I like Jim Mora, but there’s no doubt Pete has his stamp on this organization and it’s a better fit. He almost wills “positiveness” and the results show through on the field. Even after two lopsided losses back to back, they were able to come up with an impressive road win when the Cardinals had to win.
  2. Matt Hasselbeck is the QB. Period. If what we saw last week from Charlie Whitehurst didn’t show you enough, today’s game did. I like Charlie and he’s probably going to make a capable back up in this league. But, he’s not even there yet. If Hasselbeck loses time due to his wrist injury, we’ve got major problems. I think I’d prefer to give the ball to J.P. Losman.
  3. The defense is good enough to win the division. They certainly aren’t dominant, but they are good and consistent. Remember that they kept us in the Raiders game until late in the 3rd quarter. If the offense can be even slightly efficient, they can be really good.
  4. We need to get better at scoring touchdowns. I would prefer to see a two-back set on the goal line. I think we really miss fullback Michael Robinson. We need to get a big person (even a lineman) who can lead block for Marshawn Lynch.

This was a big game for the Hawks. If the goal is to win the NFC West (which of course it is), then this win makes next week way less important. Depending on #8’s injury, I would consider starting another QB (I’m pulling for Losman) on the road against the Saints and make sure Matt is healthy for back to back home games against Kansas City and Carolina. If we keep winning at home, I believe that will win the division.

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Birds of a Feather…

As the great American philosopher Yogi Berra once eloquently waxed, “It’s Deja Vu all over again.”

The Arizona Cardinals remind me of the Seahawks.  Both played in their first Super Bowl recently; they both lost to the same team; they both won the division and a home playoff game the following year; both were in dramatic fashion (Seattle beating Dallas when Romo fumbled the FG snap and Arizona in OT a a defensive TD).

It sounds like the potentially downward trend might continue for the Cards as it sounds like star QB and future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner will call it a career tomorrow. He has a press conference scheduled and all indications point to retirement, especially after a year that saw him deal with head injury issues.

What’s that mean for the Hawks? It means they are back in business. The Cardinals will probably take a step back. Matt Leinart is clearly not the caliber of Warner, so this is a huge loss.  The Rams appear to be a long way off.  The 49’ers are improving and I like Mike Singletary as a coach. I don’t think it will take much from the Hawks to jump back into the running to win a weak division.  The news of Warner’s retirement will aid them much in that quest.


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