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I’m back…

You might notice that it has been over 10 months since I last posted. My apologies. In reading the date, I notice that it was just 6 days before my father passed away last year…just a few days before he went into a coma he would never recover from. Crazy how a year goes by. With that being said, I am armed and ready to get back to talking about sports. With my apology and explanation, I hope you will once again start reading.

My next REAL blog post will begin tomorrow with my thoughts on the Mariners and losing out on the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. Game on!

World Cup Token Post

I admit I was watching the World Cup this morning.

I was on the elliptical machine and three of the televisions had it on and the others were on infomercials. So I was stuck. Korea was playing someone and at least there were a few shots on goal. I admit, never having played or followed the sport, I can’t get into it. I appreciate greatly the athleticism of the players and the passion of the fans. That’s what makes it a terrific event. I just don’t have interest. I will admit I will probably tune in for a little while to watch the good old USA and see if they are “Ghana win.”

Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

My pal from the gym, Pete tells me that Uruguay is unscored upon in the World Cup. That is a tremendous feet. Too bad we can’t transfer that over to the Mariners pitching and defense (no disrespect for the pitchers who have been very good). Then we might be a .500 team.

Good luck to the Yanks today (not New York, but Americans). I will probably peek in and see if I can get enough “stuff” to blog on it again.

NFL Training Camp is 5 weeks away…

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Old Posts Added

To my readers,

All my prior posts have been imported to this site on the Kitsap Sun.  If you became a subscriber of my blog on the Sun, you were just barraged with about 50 posts dating back for about two months. My apologies…I got them, too!  From here on out, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Thank you for your continued support, readership, and comments.

Let’s talk sports!

Now Live on Kitsap Sun

I just don’t have time to whip up two daily sports blogs, so I’m moving everything over to my new home on the Kitsap Sun. If you are one of my original subscribers…thank you! Please continue to read and comment on the Sun forum. Why? Because it’s a much larger venue and I hope that will draw more readers and provocative commentary. The new address is:

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I will keep reminding you in the short term. Thanks!


Who Dat? The NFL Messing Things Up Again, Dat’s Who!

Who Dat?  The National Football League says, “WE DAT!”

There is an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal’s weekend edition on the famous battle cry of New Orleans’ faithful for their football team.  “Who dat” has endured the test of time, which includes substantially more losses than wins for the Saints.  It’s a cultural colloquialism that nobody outside the Gulf Coast cared about.

Until now.

The NFL, in it’s infinite wisdom, has sent out cease and desist orders to all New Orleans vendors who were printing “Who Dat” shirts 24/7 in the wake of the team’s first Super Bowl appearance.  The NFL says they own the phrase.  Really?  I didn’t think you could own a common phrase that has been used since at least the early 1970’s and started with a high school football team in New Orleans.  But wait.  There’s money to be gained and licensing to be had.  So in jumps NFL commissioner and phrase baron Roger Goodell to dispose of all those pesky entrepreneurs trying to horn in on their town’s success.  If anyone is going to make money on the Saints, it’s the National Football League!  The NFL says the Saints own it…which means revenue for the league.

This reeks of Creole’ Jambalaya gone bad.

The NFL never cared about the name before. Just like they never cared about Seattle’s “12th Man” until we started making waves as a franchise.  In a time where New Orleans should be reveling in the glory of their first Super Bowl in 41 years, the NFL is committing unsportsmanlike conduct. Heck, this even draws bipartisan support from the two congressional delegates in Louisiana who have thrown the red flag at the NFL and called on Goodell to reverse the call.  I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The NFL needs to realize that they are a business of the people.  This type of fatuous behavior always ends up making them look bad in the eyes of those who are in effect their clientele.  They still hold on to the belief that they are powerful enough to withstand anything from player strikes to Pro Bowl fiascos, and they may be right.  In the meantime, they come off looking foolish.

Who dat think they gonna beat those Saints?

The National Football League attorneys, dat’s who!

Read the Wall Street Journal article

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