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Cliff and LeBron Talk

News is swirling all over Twitter and blogs that a deal for Cliff Lee being shipped to the Yankees is imminent. It appears the Yanks would send a couple top prospects – catcher and 1B – the the M’s for the lefty. Certainly, I don’t follow the minor leagues so much that I even know who these prospects are. The catcher could end up another Jeff Clement or Adam Moore. We have to trust in Jack Zduriencik, though. This deal may end up defining his career and his time with the organization. Let’s hope he gets it right and this turns into another Ken Phelps for Jay Buhner deal for us if it indeed goes down.

I guess I swung and missed on LeBron James. Too bad. I now definitely have a team to hate and root against. Of course, athletes just like everyone else have the right to work where they want and for whom they want. I hate to see a kid who grew up near Cleveland, who single-handedly turned the franchise into an annual contender and got them to an NBA Finals, turn his back on them and probably sink them back into oblivion. I hope he never gets his trophy.

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Where in the World LeBron?

Okay, here is my pick on where LeBron will be playing hoops the next several years. Last week, my daughter Kelli and I made a small wager. She put her “money” on the New York Knicks. My pick (and it still is) will be that he remains in Cleveland.

Here is why:

1. He wants to be “the man” in his town. Miami is Dwayne Wade’s place and always will be.

2. More money in Cleveland. Yes, he’s got more money than virtually any other athlete, but cash still talks.

3. Loyalty. He’s a homeboy and I think he would love nothing more than bring a championship to his home town.

Stay tuned at 6 pm for the mega world wide announcement on ESPN.

P.S. The money from the one-hour “showcase” goes to charity. Kudos to all involved for that.

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World Cup, Celtics and Mariners, Oh My…

Okay…I watched about 15 minutes of USA vs. England on Saturday as I was waiting to go to my nephew’s graduation. That was about all I can handle. I understand there is a big thrill for us in tying England because we get a point. I must just be old-school American but I think only wins are good. I’m still committed to trying out some local (Pumas and Sounders) soccer in person, but watching it on TV just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry.

I did however watch the Celtics win 2 of 3 to take a one-game edge in the NBA Finals. I will take Kobe, The Big Ticket, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and even Pao Gasol over World Cup soccer any day. Terrific game last night with the Celtics hanging on for dear life by making big plays when they counted. It was a must-win for them with the Lakers at home the rest of the way. Still pulling hard for the Celtics, but I think they must get Game 6. It may be too much to overcome Kobe on a Game 7 in LA.

The Mariners have to begin the re-tooling process now. Don Wakamatsu’s honeymoon period is over. He will survive the season, but his long-term tenure is in serious doubt. For as cohesive as the Mariners were last year, they are back to the dysfunctional group they were in 2008.

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Phil Jackson Redux – Back to the Bulls or Knicks?

I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning and the topic of LeBron James and Phil Jackson came up.

The Cleveland Cavaliers just fired head coach Mike Brown, potentially paving the way for a new coach to come in and keep LeBron in Cleveland. The bad news is they don’t really have the salary cap room to add another big name player to the mix.

Phil Jackson has been paramount in getting Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’ Neal and Kobe Brynat their first championship rings. In fact, only Shaq got a ring with a coach other than Jackson (Miami with Pat Riley and with help from Dwayne Wade).

Could LeBron be next in line?

Certainly, the lure back to Chicago where he brought the Bulls all their glory in the 1990’s or the Big Apple where he played would be juicy for the NBA. The Knicks have a coach (unlike the Bulls), but I’m sure the potential of luring James and free agent Chris Bosh would be enticing to Jackson.

This will be an interesting soap opera to be played out over the summer. Jackson’s Lakers are on course for another Lakers-Celtics championship match-up. If he wins there again, would the next challenge include a return to glory spots with a new superstar craving the trophy?

Stay tuned…

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Odds and Ends from the Weekend

1 – Mike Woodson was fired as head coach of the Atlanta Hawks. He spent the last 6 years as head coach and his first team ended with 13 wins in 82 games. Each year, they improved and this season they finished with 53 wins. Nope, they won’t win the championship this season. However, they have shown steady improvement every year and have gained 40 wins over the years. As a former head coach, this stinks. I get it…it’s the NBA and it’s about wins. But tell me, who are you going to go out and get to replace Woodson that will be better?

2 – Where will LeBron go? New Jersey, New York, Cleveland? Who can afford him and who is willing to make administrative moves to suit him? Mike Brown, the Cavs coach is on the hot seat. LeBron is a Cleveland native. My early pick is that he re-signs with Cleveland and has a hand in the new head coach.

3 – The Mariners bats are still pitiful. I like what Michael Saunders is doing with the bat. Adam Moore was coming around, and now is hurt. Mike Sweeney was hitting the ball instead of teammates, and now he is hurt. Cliff Lee and King Felix are left to throw gems and get a no decision or loss. Time is running out on this year to make decisions. I hope they act quickly.

4 – Sorry that I have been less than “Daily Dan.” My goal is to get back to that. Keep those cards, letters, and comments coming!

5 – I still have to make a Pumas game, but my daughter went Saturday night and they won. Kudos to the team. And yes, I still plan on making a game!

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Odds and Ends

1 – Kevin Durant scored 25 points last night against Dallas. That is 25 straight games that he has poured in at least 25 points. That ranks third all time behind Michael Jordan (40) and Allen Iverson.  Am I the only one with that sick feeling in my stomach realizing that he was part of the Sonics just 2 years ago? That could be us? Can you imagine how he would own this city if it were happening here?

2 – Pitchers and catchers report in baseball.  That also signals the start of Fantasy Baseball.  Baseball is the perfect game for fantasy sports. It’s all about stats and time.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to try your hand at fantasy baseball, contact me on this blog and I will send you information about my league. I’m looking for a few good owners and would invite my readers to jump in.

3 – Didn’t watch any Olympics last night. Not sure why, except the family wanted to get caught up on our NCIS watching.  The Olympics are a nice respite from other sports, but over the course of 2 weeks, you need an occasional break in the action.

4 – There is increasing noise about the NFL Draft in two months and the Seahawks have been very quiet.  This, of course, intrigues me even more.  There is also increased talk about bringing disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall over in a trade. If it doesn’t cost us one of our first rounders, I’m willing to make that deal.  First rounders are a premium, so to me they are untouchable.  Package a second rounder with other options and I’m game.

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A Seattle Legend Dies…

If you had been a fly on the wall of my bedroom in 1973 when I was 8 years old, you would have often seen me with a transistor radio and single ear bud attached to my ear between October and May.  The voice I loved to hear would smoothly announce the exploits of Spencer Haywood, Willie Norwood, Mike Bantom, and Downtown Freddie Brown.  My first group of sports heroes were brought to life by the great (and this is no understatement) Bob Blackburn.

“The Voice” passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

I was lucky.  I grew up listening to the great voices.  Pete Gross with the Seahawks, Dave Niehaus with the Mariners, and Blackburn with the Sonics.  Blackburn was the original voice in Seattle, though.  He was the sole broadcaster for 20 years and then joined by Kevin Calabro in 1987.

Audible memories rushed to my head when I heard Blackburn died. I can still hear him calling the last seconds of Game 5 of the NBA Finals when Gus Williams threw the ball up in the air upon winning the championship.  I remember tales of Jack Sikma, Dennis Johnson, Dale Ellis, Tom Chambers, and Gary Payton come to life.  He was a true master.

In an age before cable and satellite, Blackburn was the only window we had to our favorite team.  It is a huge loss to the community.

Thank you Bob Blackburn…