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Verdict on Whitehurst? Too Early…

So what can we take away from Charlie Whitehurst’s first professional start against the New York football Giants?

  1. You can’t make a complete judgment after one start. Really. Whitehurst was up against perhaps the best defense in the NFL and his O-line was beat up. We need a bigger data range to be fair.
  2. That being said, he missed way too many easy passes. He’s not a rookie. He’s played behind Philip Rivers for 5 years. He had to have taken something away.
  3. He’s got a live arm. The pass to Ben Obamanu was pretty. He definitely can let it fly. But so could Dan McGwire!
  4. There is no QB controversy . The Seahawks best chance to win is still with #8. It probably stays that way for 2011, too.
  5. Whitehurst looks like an NFL QB. But, I get the feeling he looks like a decent lifetime backup. I know I said it’s too early, but I’d feel more hope if he was 23 years old rather than 28.

I think the Hawks may need to take a hard look in the draft. The kid from Arkansas, Ryan Mallet is intriguing. Sign Hasselbeck for next year, pick up a young gun, and keep Whitehurst in for competition and a backup. Let’s face it, if Charlie Whitehurst was going to be a legit starting QB in this league, he would be doing it by now.

Just saying…

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3 thoughts on “Verdict on Whitehurst? Too Early…

  1. Putting aside the two-year, $8 million contract that includes an additional two million in incentives because lets face it, it not our money. The question I have is, “Is he worth the talent the team lost in trading a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick?”

    To be fair, the Seahawks did get the 60th overall pick from the Chargers which they in turn used on Golden Tate, a player that would have been a solid pick with the 40th overall selection that they traded away.

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