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Monthly Archives: October 2010

This blog is a Kitsap Sun reader blog. The Kitsap Sun neither edits nor previews reader blog posts. Their content is the sole creation and responsibility of the readers who produce them. Reader bloggers are asked to adhere to our reader blog agreement. If you have a concern or would like to start a reader blog of your own, please contact

Pink Whistle Toting Refs Flagged for Illegal Procedure

Did you see the big flap over the Washington State Referees using pink whistles over the weekend? If not, check out this article and news video from KONG TV…

Read and Watch

This is lunacy for the state referees association. Yes, there are rules, but there is also common sense. To make this big of a deal, and the penalty so harsh is making them look like a bunch of buffoons. The chair of the association, Todd Stordahl, needs a few lessons on media communications. He comes across as very cold and un-empathetic. To even use this as a role-modeling lesson for kids is insane. Instead, perhaps, it’s more of a lesson on standing up for ones’ beliefs.

I don’t know why the referees in question didn’t ask permission. Maybe there wasn’t time, or maybe they just figured it would get turned down. Easier to ask forgiveness after the fact, right? The bottom line is that they didn’t do anything that would i any way embarrass the association or high school football, which is why these rules are in place. The WOA response comes across as bureaucratic, insensitive, and dumb. C’mon guys, don’t you have bigger fish to fry than pink whistles?

I guess in the end, the big winner is Breast Cancer Awareness. They got both the pink whistles and the ensuing controversey to raise awareness. Too bad it’s at the expense of the referees. Let’s hope common sense prevails and the discipline is lifted.

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Week 8 Picks

I’ve been very un-daily in the Daily Dan this week. My apologies!

I was thrilled to tie with a couple other reporters last week on the football scores at 9-3. Had I been smart enough to know or look u that Cascade Christian is the defending 2A champ and were playing an 0-6 Port Townsend team, I think I would have had a different pick! Oh well.

I thought I would play along this week with the rest of the gang including guest picker Scott Alexander. I’m sure he’s in a great mood after his Oregon Ducks whacked USC on national television. Here are my picks for this week…

Eastside Catholic over Bainbridge

Cedar Park Christian over Chimacum

Kingston over North Mason

Port Angeles over Klahowya

Central Kitsapover Mt Tahoma

Sequim over North Kitsap

Orting over Port Townsend

South Kitsap over Stadium

Bremerton over Olympic

Washington over Arizona

Stanford over Washington State

Seattle over Arizona

Hope it’s a great Northwest victory party over those Arizona teams!

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Football Weekend Recap

A few things learned from this weekend…

1. I went 9-3 on my guest picks for the Sun. Not bad. Not quite up to Charles Horton but competitive. He didn’t have the Seahawks game to pick. Who knew the Hawks would play so well in Chicago?

2. Speaking of the Hawks, that defense is playing very well. We won’t get too crazy and say they are at the top of the league. We can say that going on the road to Chicago and giving up only one touchdown on the first drive is a special performance. Consider that Brandon Mebane still needs to come back to the line and this has the makings of a very competitive unit.

3. I love the addition of Marshawn Lynch. The dude ran in “beast mode.” The 1-2 combo of him and Justin Forsett will be fun for us to watch. They combined for over 100 yards and 2 scores.Lynch brings a great attitude to the offensive unit.

4. Funny that the “3 Amigos” who spouted off on KJR last year aren’t a part of this team anymore. Housh, Branch, and Burleson all catching passes for someone else. I think I will take Mike Williams, Deion Butler, and Brandon Stokely.

5. College football at it’s finest on Saturday night in Husky Stadium. I knew the Huskies would bounce back (see my previous posts). It’s been their pattern this year. Most impressive is that they don’t have back to back losses since mid last year. I know stringing together wins is also important, but the ability to avoid “bad”momentum is a trait not seen in Husky football in years.

6. Husky defense showed a lot to me in the 4th quarter. Oregon State is explosive and they never came close to allowing points after they opening drive of the 3rd quarter to tie the game. Nick Holt should be proud after his defense has been getting raked over the coals in the media and with fans.

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Friday Night Lights Recap

I went 7-2 on my Kitsap Sun picks last night. I pretty much knew Port Angeles was going to beat North Kitsap, but I couldn’t in good conscience sit in the press box, call the game, and much on pizza knowing I had “betrayed” the home team. Let’s just say I took one for the team!

I also didn’t do my homework on Port Townsend. Had I known they were 0-6 heading into the game, I would j=have had a different pick. My bad going with the home team.

Now I need a BIG effort form Jake Locker and the Dawgs against Oregon State. I truly believe this is a bounce back game for UW and it’s their modus operandi (MO in sports jargon).  We shall see tonight.

P.S. So, Eric Wedge is the next Mariners skipper. What do you think? From the list they compiled, he is probably the best option. If he can bring a clean-up hitter with him, that would help.

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Picks for the Week

Here are my picks for the High School, college, and pro football games this weekend. I see that Kitsap Sun editor Charles Horton went 10-1 last week, and that in total the guest pickers have a tremendous percentage. No pressure.

Read my picks here.

I will be tweeting the North Kitsap-Port Angeles game tonight from North Kitsap Stadium. Follow all the “action” on my Twitter page.

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1st Annual Poulsbo Marathon

Just a quick call out to you runners (I run but not this far)…

The first annual Poulsbo Marathon is this weekend. This update from Michelle Woodward, the race organizer…

“We are all set to run both races, the full 26.2 mile marathon and the 13.1 mile half marathon. We are up to about 180 registered runners as of today! The North Kitsap Trails Association will get a good financial boost from this event, aside from highlighting their mission in the community. I picked up the t-shirts today (we ordered 200) and rush ordered 50 more…I hope that is enough! We have a few out-of-staters coming to join the fun! Anyway, thought you might be interested in the progress of the first marathon in Kitsap.”

If you’re a runner, consider joining in on the fun. Click here to learn more.

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Who Are These Huskies?

Once you think you have the University of Washington figured out for this 2010 season, you realize you are wrong. I wonder if Steve Sarkisian feels the same way?

The Dawgs lose an ugly game to BYU which by all rights they should have won. They bounce back in their home opener to Syracuse after a dull first half to blow away the Orange. In a much anticipated home match-up to Nebraska, they are humiliated. After a bye week and much speculation to just how good they (and Jake Locker) are, they pull off a Herculean upset in Los Angeles against USC, snapping a 13-game road losing streak.

Now, they are coming back home to play Arizona State – losers of 9 in a row against Division 1 foes. The rain is pouring downin Husky Stadium giving the Northwest guys a seeming advantage over the Sun Devils. Oops.

The Huskies muff against a team they are expected to beat is critical. Not that I expected them to win the Pac-10, but a bowl game and a return to respectability are on the line. This one hurts, and for some reason I think they will look back at this loss and wish they had it back. The Dawgs MUST wi their home conference games and find a way to win a few on the road. This loss to ASU signals to me that they just aren’t ready from a mental standpoint to take the next step after a huge win the week before. The same thing happened last year in Stanford after the USC win. If you look at the conference, it doesn’t get any easier until you face WSU in Pullman at the end of the year. And the scary thing? WSU is actually looking improved with a respectable outing against Oregon.

What to expect next week? I don’t know because I can truly say…

Who are these Huskies?

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Monday Morning QB – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Let’s start with the “Ugly” and work backwards. I like ending on a high note…

High School Football – I was at the North Kitsap – Bremerton game Friday night. Bremerton dominated. RB Kyle Kennedy (amended) reminds me of John Riggins. They trounced the home-standing Vikings and deserve accolades for the win. Why is this an “Ugly?” Because Bremerton coach Nate Gillem allowing his team to humiliate an opponent is totally classless. Bremerton intercepted a Viking pass on their own 3-yard line with only a couple of minutes left in the game. They were winning 35-7. Game over, right? Wrong.

After getting out of the shadow of their goal line, Bremerton preceded to pass the ball downfield (with their starters) to attempt to score again. They threw long, they ran trick plays, as NK coach Steve Frease screamed at them from the other side of the field with his finger pointing to…the scoreboard.

With seconds to go, Bremerton ran a reverse play to score a TD. Not an off-tackle, not a dive, but a reverse. Thank goodness they were called for holding, so it didn’t stand. They then kneeled down to end the game, but the damage was done.

Gillem explained they needed the win (already firmly in place by only 4 tD’s). He also said he let his players call the plays. Great. So that’s why every coach on your sideline was encouraging the players to score. Sportsmanship needs to at least stay in high school sports. In an era where parents are out of control on expectations, and kids are being wooed by colleges at younger and younger ages, you’d hope coaches would at least show some measure of respect and charity. I’m all about winning. I’m not about humiliating kids and coaches in front of their fans. Coach Nate Gillem was way over the line and should be reprimanded. His players should have been in the spotlight after the game. Not him.

Bad – the Seattle Seahawks offense. Fortunately for them, the “Ugly” went to someone else. Special teams won the game the previous week. No such luck in St. Louis. Coach Carroll has 2 weeks to figure out a way to make first downs, much less touchdowns. This is getting to be as anemic as the Mariners offense. And they at least had Felix Hernandez to help them out every 5 days. Oh, wait. They never scored runs when he pitched. Never mind.

Good – Spectacular – Tremendous – Jake Locker was left for dead by the national media and even members of his local media and fans. Like the Phoenix, he rose from the ashes and single-handedly led his team to a huge victory in Los Angeles over USC. Nebraska? A distant memory. 1-0 in conference and one win closer to a bowl game. If it took the Nebraska loss to catapult them into a positive Pac-10 season, I’ll take that loss every time. That could very well be a season-defining win for this team.

P.S. My daughter and I tied for the Fantasy Baseball bragging rights. I guess we will have to break that tie next year!

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Down to the Wire

Two days left in the baseball season and unlike the Mariners, I have something to play for. My fantasy baseball team is in a deadlock. Two games left to break the tie and decide a champion…between me and my 22-year old daughter!

If you’ve never played fantasy sports with your kids, then you don’t understand the rivalry that builds. Losing to your daughter has year-long and potentially lifelong consequences. As proud of her as I am for being very good at this game, I don’t want to lose! This will be tight…

Stay tuned for the final score.

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