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Empty Nest Football

This is going to be a strange football season for me…

My wife isn’t a big football fan. Let’s just say she is lukewarm at best when it comes to watching games on TV. My two daughters have been raised well by me. They love football. They both watched games with me, played fantasy football, and went to games. They are die-hard Husky and Seahawks fans. The last three years I’ve had one daughter at home while her sister was away at college. This will be the first year I’m on my own. As much as I like many aspects of being an “empty-nester,” this isn’t one of them.

Watching football by yourself isn’t any fun. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love watching football more than any other sporting event, and will watch solo if I have to. It’s just not as much fun. I’ve always enjoyed the chance to watch America’s Game with my girls. They are able to talk the game with anyone…like I said, I raised them well. This year of both of them being gone creates a huge void. My wife has no interest in filling that particular void.

I am assuming that I will end up watching fewer games than in previous years. I will however have the texting hot line going in full force. The girls live in the Pittsburgh area however are not, I repeat NOT Steelers fans, although that’s what they will get a large dose of. I’m sure the Hawks’ late games for them will be hard to find, so I will have to be their “voice.”

Although this distance creates challenges, I’m sure we will overcome. Like all great football fans, the games go on and the camaraderie that flow from it find a way to continue. I’m going to the Seahawks-49’ers game Sunday with my brother-in-law, so I will have a live view of this re-made team. It’s a terrific way to start the season, however I think I would still trade it in if I could somehow transport my kids here on Sunday to watch with me. I guess we will have to leave it up to technology like texting and Skype to get our football fix!

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5 thoughts on “Empty Nest Football

  1. Hi Dan,

    How old were your daughters when they started getting into watching football games with you? My twin boys are almost 7 and they still do not want to sit with me to watch a football game (I am still working on them so I hope their attitude changes). My wife also does not enjoy watching football so I have had to deal with watching the Huskies and Seahawks by myself for a few years.

    I attend Husky home games with my brother so I have someone to share the live game expereince with. However, when watching games on TV at home, it feels strange to cheer when something great happens during the game and not be able to share it with someone. You have the right idea regarding texting with your daughters and they will appreciate the updates on the Seahawks if they are not able to see the games.

    1. Hmmm….I would have to say they were probably about 10 or 11. We all went to Husky and Seahawks games as a family and that’s how they got into it. TV became better for them about 12 or so. Since they are now 20 and 22, it seems like it has been a long time! Seven may still be too young to sit for that length of time. I think it takes being able to understand the game. Good luck!

  2. I never really cared for football until my Son started playing Pee Wee. Now I am hooked.

    Mike, Pee Wee Division games start this Saturday 9-11 and occur every weekend until mid November. You should take your boys to a D-String (7-8 year olds) or C-String (9-10 year olds) game. That might hook them into liking it. At these levels, the game is much simpler (mostly a running game) and easier for kids to follow and understand. Just an idea. Most of the clubs; Warren Avenue, Silverdale, Tracyton, Perry Avenue, Chico, East Bremerton, South Kitsap, North Mason, North Kitsap and Chico have their own sites or facebook pages with their schedules. Check it out.

  3. Thanks Colleen. I appreciate the plug for the local Pee Wees. The North Kitsap football team has a new partnership with the NK Pee Wees and the kids get to play a little football during halftime of the home games. Great stuff!

  4. No prob Dan. One of the NK Pee Wee C-String coaches is my co-worker. Great smack talk going on in the lunch room during football season. (smile)

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