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Lance Armstrong Guilty of Doping? I Think Yes…

I’ve always liked Lance Armstrong. I read his first book. I marveled at his ability to beat cancer and become a Tour de France champion. I thought he did it the right way.

I was wrong.

Yesterday’s New York Times article has noted many more clear signals that Armstrong “doped up” during his years with the United States Postal team (ironic, huh). No one wanted to believe Floyd Landis who admitted to doping himself. Does this sound familiar to you?

Jose Canseco comes out and admits to using steroids. He calls out some of the biggest names in the game – Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Rafael Palmeiro to name a few. They all deny it, even in front of the United States Congress. Oops. Turns out they all used. Jose was right. Each one has had to plead their own mea culpa. Since then, Alex Rodriguez has come clean. Roger Clemens won’t admit, but we all know he did and his reputation is tarnished forever.

I don’t have rock solid proof that Armstrong doped. But just as I really knew McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, etc. all cheated, I know he did, too.

What do you think? Do you believe Lance?

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8 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong Guilty of Doping? I Think Yes…

  1. He probably did. The problem is so widespread that it is not unusual to hear about some cyclist somewhere popping positive for some sort of blood doping or HGH treatment. Lance was so dominant for so long, I have a hard time believing it was achieved naturally amongst a field of so many other competitors that were cheating.

    Ultimately though, does it affect me…not one little bit. My interest in international cycling competition falls somewhere between tree moss growth and curling with the moss taking the top spot.

  2. Whether he did or not (I don’t believe he did – there’s no scientific evidence according to the story) he’s still a bad-*ss! AND he beat cancer! That in itself is something to honor the man for. His Livestrong foundation is doing such great things for cancer research and cancer patients. I love the guy for all that he has done for cycling and to help all of us beat cancer!

  3. Yeah, I think he did. For me, the clearest proof comes in the fact that he DOESN’T attack the character of those who test positive and admit they doped. Think of who Lance is: if he was clean and his rivals were dirty, got caught and admitted it, don’t you think he’d go BERSERK? I do.

    You read his book. Recall the story about the guy who made a joke about his cancer surgery and Lance made a point of shouldering him out of the way as he walked to the buffet table or whatever? He keeps track of anyone who gets in his way and resents the hell out of them forever. His negative statements about drug use never veer into ugly or vindictive territory, although his statements about Landis certainly do.

    What’s the difference? The other dirty riders are doing the same thing Lance did (as I believe). But Floyd is telling the truth (I think) and trying to take Lance down. So Lance responds as he always does when he feels threatened or mistreated: he gets out his cannon and starts shooting.

    If he’d done that when Tyler Hamilton admitted doping, I’d be more inclined to believe Lance was clean.

  4. So since Lance dominated a sport he must be a doper. I guess that means that Jordan, Gretsky, Favre and Pujols MUST be doping. Hey, for that matter Jake Locker must be doping too. He’s too good to be just doing what he does on natural talent. Have you seen Lance’s test numbers? His heart is 1/3 third larger than average, he has double the O2 capacity and he work ethic is insane. He found the sport that his body was built for and he put everything into it. Everyone wants to knock off a winner and when they can’t do it in the trenches they try to fabricate other ways to do it. An article comes out by some yahoo and it must be true. Some just want their 15 minutes. He has been tested for drugs more than any other athlete and has never tested positive, unlike Landis and Hamilton. Hey, I’m going down to UW tell the AD that I saw Jake stick a needle in is ass. Most won’t believe it but I bet some idiots will.

  5. There have been too many accusations by too many people over too many years and most of them had nothing to gain other that the retribution of Armstrong and his lawyers. Even Frankie Andreu’s wife has said that she has knowledge of Lance’s doping. The story about Armstrong that stands out in my mind is the time he chased down a rider in a stage at the Tour – for no logical competitive reason – that had spoken out against doping. Armstrong showed a very vindictive side of his personality through the way that he bullied this particular, low-ranking rider whose only \crime\ was to speak out against doping in cycling. This is not the action of a leader in cycling against doping. It’s the behavioe of a bully, enforcing the cycling/doping code of silence.

  6. Sorry Sean –

    “His heart is 1/3 third larger than average” not entirely true

    In his medical reports leading up to his cancer treatment it was stated that his heart size was within normal limits (ref pg285 ‘From Lance to Landis’ by David Walsh.

    “he has double the O2 capacity”

    If you mean, as I suspect, v02 max, read this

    In 5 tests conducted by Professor Ed Coyle (University of Texas) between 1992 and 1999 Lance Armstrong’s v02 max was measured st 70, 76, 81, 66 and 71 good (double the average man in the steret maybe) but nothing particularly special for a professional cyclist. (ref pg281 ‘From Lance to Landis’ by David Walsh. I myself have been tested at 62 and 68 and I’m no pro.

    “he work ethic is insane’

    That’s what it takes to just be a pro and that’s the spin he has always given “I work harder”, says who? Lance and the people he pays (ref me).

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