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Odds and Ends

1 – Berhard Langer deserved the win at Sahalee over the weekend at the US Senior Open. He played brilliantly. You can’t recover from a triple-bogey on a Par 5 in a major champonship. Fred Couples gave it a valiant effort, but he was done at that point.

2 – The Mariners stink offensively. I know that this is not news to you, but being stuck in my seat after surgery, I forced myself to watch them. This is the worst offense I have ever seen. Heads need to roll. Not sure who, but they do.

3 – Felix Hernandez impressed me. He wasn’t sharp on Saturday giving up 3 quick runs in the 1st inning. After that, nothing. That’s the mark of an excellent pitcher. To gut through a bad start and then keep your tram in the game. Kudos to him and to pitching coach Rick Adair. I’m seeing a lot of that from our pitchers.

4 – Football is back! The Pete Carroll era is upon us and I must admit I am very intrigued. After a 5-11 season, this would have been the only thing intriguing me about the Hawks. From that standpoint alone, it was a brilliant move.

One thought on “Odds and Ends

  1. 1. Who? What? Where?

    2. I like Wak. I’d like to see some better offensive numbers from 1st Base & Catcher, and see some of the overpaid failures depart town.

    3. You’re just saying that because I traded him to you in Fantasy Baseball.

    4. At least in the NFL there won’t be any punitive post season bans…they’ll just avoid them on their own.

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