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Indy Car Watching

On Sunday, I watched my first Indy Car race…ever. Of course, in the beginning I was switching back and forth from the British Open, but because Louis Oosthuizen had such a big lead, it was okay.

I decided to watch because I had a dog in the hunt. I’m a Mona Vie distributor and Mona Vie has a car and driver – Tomas Scheckter. It was interesting to watch the cars drive through the actual streets of Toronto. I’ve only ever seen bits and pieces of previous races in huge cereal bowls. I must admit this was pretty cool. The announcer mentioned that it was much more difficult and challenging due to the curvatures, bumps, and other exposures not present on a regular track. This probably was the main reason there were so many crashes.

Scheckter was one of those crashes, although he was ale to back out and finish the race. He eventually finished 15th out of 26 racers. I actually found myself interested in the race and may (just may) tune in again…

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One thought on “Indy Car Watching

  1. Hey Dan, Glad to see that Open Wheel Racing in the US is FINALLY drawing a new a more diverse group of fans. Until the re-unification that brought IRL and Champ Car back together as one organization, fans were divided and subsequently support for both series suffered a great deal. The only good thing I ever got out of it was that until the mid 2000’s you could catch a Champ Car Race in Portland every year at PIR. I even got to meet Mario Andretti there once.

    You are right the street courses are way more exciting that the oval racing when it comes to open wheel.

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