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Reasons the Dawgs Won

Former UCLA coach Steve Lavin recently stated what makes the difference in his mind on how teams fare in the tournament comes down to coaching, rebounding, and turnovers. Take a look at the last minute of Washington’s win against Marquette.

1 – Turnovers – With the game tied, Washington’s defense forces a turnover when a ball is errantly thrown out of bounds.

2 – Rebounds – The Huskies milk the clock and Isiah Thomas launches a three-point shot. He missed hard off the rim, but Quincy Pondexter corralled the offensive rebound. That gives the Dawgs the final shot.

3 – Coaching – At this point, no timeout is taken. This is critical because now Marquette has to play live rather than set up a defense coming out of a timeout. The Huskies have been so well coached they know exactly how to take it sown for a final shot. This isn’t osmosis. This is terrific coaching.

I watched New Mexico play the next game. Obviously, they are good. However, this is another excellent match-up for Washington. Sweet 16 anyone?

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