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Monthly Archives: March 2010

This blog is a Kitsap Sun reader blog. The Kitsap Sun neither edits nor previews reader blog posts. Their content is the sole creation and responsibility of the readers who produce them. Reader bloggers are asked to adhere to our reader blog agreement. If you have a concern or would like to start a reader blog of your own, please contact

Real Life Hoosiers

How cool is it that Butler is in the Final Four in their hometown?

If you’ve seen the classic hoops movie starring Gene Hackman, Hoosiers, you have to love that a mid-major powerhouse like Butler finally gets to the big stage and it’s 6 miles away from their campus.

So what chance do the Bulldogs have to win the whole enchilada? Well, what chance did they have coming in as a #5 seed to make it this far? Ironically, they play the other #5 seed survivor in the field, Michigan State. It’s better than playing either Duke or West Virginia in the semis. I think they have a great shot against the Spartans to find themselves in the finals on Monday. Tom Izzo is a terrific coach, but I’m giving the edge to the hometown boys to find themselves playing Duke in the finals. From there…do you believe in miracles?

Coach Brad Stevens will probably be the hottest commodity in college coaching. I just hope he doesn’t end up in Eugene.

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Almost Heaven…

…West Virginia

The Huskies run ended last night in Syracuse. The Dawgs played an excellent first half leading by 2 points without Quincy Pondexter scoring and sitting on the bench with three fouls. Alas, the second half was not to be.

Congratulations to Washington and Lorenzo Romar for a thrilling ride. They have certainly filled the basketball void of the Sonics for this community. With only one senior, this program looks to be giving us NCAA rides for quite a long time.

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New NFL OT Rules

Have you seen the new overtme rules for NFL Playoff games?

1 – If the first team with the ball scores a TD, game over.

2 – If the first team with the ball kicks a FG, then the other team gets the ball. If they kick a FG, next team to score wins. If they score a TD, they win.

3 – Defense scores a TD, game over.

Okay, I can live with the rule change. But, my issue is that it only applies to the playoffs. I believe there needs to be consistency during the regular season and the playoffs. If you are going to make the change, change for everything. I don’t see how you can play under one set of rules during the year and then change for the post season.

What do you think?

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Off to the East again

Looks like the Huskies and I have something in common. West Virginia.

Ironically, I will be staying in West Virginia on Thursday right when the Dawgs are playing the Mountaineers. My daughter goes to school right across the Ohio River and we will be visiting her. I will definitely be wearing my purple and gold on Thursday.

The Dawgs have a terrific shot at another upset. The key to this game will be their 3-point shooting. Against Cal, Marquette, and New Mexico it was superb. They can’t afford to be cold from the outside in this game. If the outside shots are dropping, my “homer” pick is Huskies 81 West Virginia 79.

You heard it here first!

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Whine, Whine, Whine

Did you happen to see New Mexico’s “star” player Darington Hopson’s comment after they got thrashed by Washington? He said, “They (Washington) played the best game of their lives. They’re not even that good. They just played a good game tonight.”

Really? Really?

Mr. Hopson, you just got smoked by 18 points and it wasn’t even that close. The way it looks to me, you couldn’t even hang in the Pac-10. Dude, get a clue. You can’t pop off like that when you get your lunch handed to you. There must be something weird in the water in New Mexico.

Read the story on ESPN

Go Dawgs!

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Reasons the Dawgs Won

Former UCLA coach Steve Lavin recently stated what makes the difference in his mind on how teams fare in the tournament comes down to coaching, rebounding, and turnovers. Take a look at the last minute of Washington’s win against Marquette.

1 – Turnovers – With the game tied, Washington’s defense forces a turnover when a ball is errantly thrown out of bounds.

2 – Rebounds – The Huskies milk the clock and Isiah Thomas launches a three-point shot. He missed hard off the rim, but Quincy Pondexter corralled the offensive rebound. That gives the Dawgs the final shot.

3 – Coaching – At this point, no timeout is taken. This is critical because now Marquette has to play live rather than set up a defense coming out of a timeout. The Huskies have been so well coached they know exactly how to take it sown for a final shot. This isn’t osmosis. This is terrific coaching.

I watched New Mexico play the next game. Obviously, they are good. However, this is another excellent match-up for Washington. Sweet 16 anyone?

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Quincy Pondexter played a horrible first half. But when the game was on the line, he made the biggest shot in his career.

Down 15 points, the Dawgs clawed there way back. Their depth and defense pushed them back into a battle just like what they faced against Cal last week. People will remember the last shot by Pondexter, but the coach in me will point to his offensive rebound of Isiah Thomas’s missed 3-ball. That put the game into a final shot sequence.

Kudos to Coach Romar for having his team prepared for the last shot.  That’s great coaching and preparation. No timeout; the guys knew what to do.

It was time to redeem the Q-Pon!

Go Dawgs!

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Odd Day

Cliff Lee has been suspended for the first five games of the year for throwing at Arizona’s Chris Snyder. Really? I certainly hope the M’s appeal this decision. I can’t believe this tough of a consequence comes from an early spring training game. The Mariners need to get off to a terrific start on the road and Cliff Lee needs to throw the second game. This sounds like a slap on the wrist but to me it’s just ridiculous. We need every start he can get. Any attorneys out there willing to go to bat for Lee? Contact Jack Zduriencik.

Charlie Who? Looks like the Seahawks are banking on third-string San Diego QB Charlie Whitehurst as the heir apparent to Matt Hasselbeck. They’ve made (or appear to be making) a significant cash ($10M) and draft (moving from #40 to #60) investment. I don’t get it. As others on the radio have said, this seems like desperation. Couldn’t we have drafted Tony Pike out of Cincinnati? I hope somebody on the shores of Lake Washington knows more than everybody else.

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Monday Morning QB – the day after…

1 – Nice article on Vivian Frieson in today’s Kitsap Sun. The former Bremerton High hoops star is now a senior at Gonzaga and heading into to the NCAA tournament. It’s hard to imagine her a senior. I remember coaching against her and when she was coming up through the junior high ranks. She left Bremerton after two years to go to Garfield under the tutelage of Joyce Walker. I think she went through some challenging times, however looks like things have gone well lately. Best wishes to her and the Bulldogs in the tourney.

2 – The Deion Grant era at safety appears t be over. The veteran was cut by the Seahawks yesterday. Does this signal the return to the Northwest of one Taylor Mays?

3 – Nothing new in the Brandon Marshall saga. The signing of WR Ruvell Martin does nothing to make me feel good about our WR corp.

4 – My early prediction for Thursday…the Huskies win 77-71. I’m not just being a homer, either. The Dawgs are hot (7 in a row and 11 of 13), are playing basically at home (one hour plane ride), should have a ton of fans, and match up well with Marquette. I like a second round match-up with New Mexico.

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