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Odds and Ends

1 – Kevin Durant scored 25 points last night against Dallas. That is 25 straight games that he has poured in at least 25 points. That ranks third all time behind Michael Jordan (40) and Allen Iverson.  Am I the only one with that sick feeling in my stomach realizing that he was part of the Sonics just 2 years ago? That could be us? Can you imagine how he would own this city if it were happening here?

2 – Pitchers and catchers report in baseball.  That also signals the start of Fantasy Baseball.  Baseball is the perfect game for fantasy sports. It’s all about stats and time.  If you’ve ever thought you might like to try your hand at fantasy baseball, contact me on this blog and I will send you information about my league. I’m looking for a few good owners and would invite my readers to jump in.

3 – Didn’t watch any Olympics last night. Not sure why, except the family wanted to get caught up on our NCIS watching.  The Olympics are a nice respite from other sports, but over the course of 2 weeks, you need an occasional break in the action.

4 – There is increasing noise about the NFL Draft in two months and the Seahawks have been very quiet.  This, of course, intrigues me even more.  There is also increased talk about bringing disgruntled Denver WR Brandon Marshall over in a trade. If it doesn’t cost us one of our first rounders, I’m willing to make that deal.  First rounders are a premium, so to me they are untouchable.  Package a second rounder with other options and I’m game.

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7 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. 1. The Sonics had been trying to leave town since I moved here back in the eighties. Good riddens!

    2. Never played Fantasy Baseball…but I am intrigued.

    3. You didn’t miss much, the women’s cross-country snowboarding was mildly entertaining, but I preferred the “Lost” break in the middle of my Olympic evening.

    4. Really? Take it from a guy who’s favorite team has learned it’s lesson over the past few seasons; no T.O’s, no Pacmans, no Tanks, and no Brandon Marshalls!

  2. Easy to say good riddance when you haven’t been here since the beginning. I started following the Sonics in 1973 at 8 years old. Lived and died with Bob Blackburn calling games, back to back championship finals with a title in 1979, and all the great years after. Your information is wrong. The Sonics were never in danger of leaving the city in the 80’s or 90’s. The Mariners were; the Seahawks left and then had to come back. The Sonics were the stalwart of the region in professional sports.

  3. Maybe I have only lived here for 23 years, but I do remember Barry Ackerley threatening to move back in 1986 if the city didn’t cave to his demands concerning the Seattle Coliseum (See the newspaper link below titled, “Sonics Owner Threatens To Move From Seattle”.

    If you don’t remember that one (maybe you were too young), perhaps you remember the two straight years of Ackerley whining on his SportRadio KJR network from 1993-1994 where he threatened to move once again until the city finally caved to his demands and paid for the $100 million renovation to the newly christened Key Arena.

    Of course I don’t have to revisit the ad-nauseum years of demands this past decade where both he and the Bennett Group beseeched the city to pay for a new $500 million arena prior to the Sonics move to Oklahoma City.

    Hey I’m all for public-private ventures where both sports fans and local revenues benefit; but for three straight decades I listened to the power whining of millionaire and billionaire Sonics Owners until I was ready to jump on the ferry and offer to help them pack their gear. That’s why I say good riddance…don’t let the flying chickens in the barnyard hit you in the rear.

    Sonics Owner Threatens To Move From Seattle, April 17, 1986,1019596

  4. Well, I guess your research and memory trumps mine. Here’s my personal bottom line which nothing you can dig up will change…

    The untold memories I have of going with my dad to Sonics games, taking my daughters starting at the age of 2 to the Seattle Center Coliseum; my daughter taking the nickname “The Glove” because GP was her favorite player; watching winning playoff games and thunderous dunks; working with them in the community when I coached a high school team; the voices of Bob Blackburn and Kevin Calabro, and the hundreds of names that I will treasure and miss. I guess you’re right, there was threats of leaving under Ackerley. But, they were mine and this regions original sports franchise, and they are sorely missed by at least one.

  5. Heck no! I just had to vent. It keeps my eye from twitching like the guy in the Pink Panther movies. I feel much better now.

    Expect an invitation to the e-maul you’ve been listing. I haven’t been in today yet…probably this evening. Both my daughters participate in the league and are quite competitive. Don’t be afraid to lost to a girl…I have before!

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