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Is it Live or is it…Old news?

I admit I like watching the Olympics. My 19-year old daughter and I enjoy watching the sports and athletes we never take the time to see otherwise.  However, the conundrum for NBC is showing delayed action when results are all over cyberspace.

Case in point – figure skating.  Kelli and I were pulling for the Chinese couple who were on their last Olympic quest. They had never won gold and their story touched us.  We were getting set to watch the final skaters, when I saw that I had messages on my Blackberry.  Being in business, I like to keep current with what pops into my mail.  One of the e-mails was this – a NY Times alert that the Chinese couple had just won the gold in figure skating!  Great! (Both good and bad expression of this word)

I didn’t tell Kelli because I wanted her to enjoy it, but I lost most of my interest.

I understand that afternoon events need to be shown on prime time.  I get that the East Coast is the predominant time zone. That doesn’t lessen the challenges global sporting events like the Olympics have in a “real-world” timed society.  What’s the solution? I have no idea.  The answers are probably over my head.  I can consult with sports watchers, though.  If you don’t want to learn about events to be watched later (includes events you record, TiVo, etc) then don’t read your e-mail, stay away from the Internet, be cognizant of “spoiler alerts,” and generally live in a cave for awhile.  Otherwise, resign yourself to the fact that you may just have to watch the results after you already know the outcome.

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2 thoughts on “Is it Live or is it…Old news?

  1. NBC does have a satellite channel, Universal HD that airs a lot of the major events live throughout the day. If I want to watch a major event live, i.e. USA vs. Canada hockey, I’ll set my TiVO to record the event on UHD, or just watch it live. I find the NBC evening broadcast to be long on airtime, and low on content. If I really want to watch the back story on South American cross country skiing, I’ll wait for the DVD set.

    I think NBC could expand their satellite coverage to include more content and longer telecast times so that events occurring simultaneously could be shown consecutively.

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