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Fixing the Pro Bowl

I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl since 1979.  It has to be the worst all-star game ever.  It’s after the season, the players are either beat up or off for 2 months.  It’s a high-risk injury factor for nothing. Teams must hate it; players don’t want to be there; nothing’s on the line. Yuck.

Moving the game to the week before the Super Bowl was as smart as New Coke.  When David Garrard is now a Pro Bowl player after a mediocre at best year, that tells you everything.  The people who suggested this format should be fired.  Or worse, make them watch the game!

I heard an excellent solution by former Husky turned radio analyst Brock Huard on ESPN 710 Seattle.  Turn the Pro Bowl into a skills challenge.  No contact; minimal chance for injury; competitive (which is what fans want); fun; and even the Super Bowl participants will compete (as long as its after the game).

As for me, I will pull myself away from the TV so there’s no chance I can even catch a glimpse or score, slog through the rain to Safeco Field, and attend Mariners Fun Fest.  Play ball…


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2 thoughts on “Fixing the Pro Bowl

  1. I remember enjoying the QB Challenge competition the Saturday before the ProBowl more than the actual Pro Bowl.

    Here’s what I would do…

    1. Get rid of the game and instead hold a black tie awards banquet like NASCAR does at the end of it’s season.

    2. Hold the banquet on the Sunday night, the week before the Super Bowl to kick off Super Bowl week. This gets the top players together with the media on a good travel day, Sunday.

    3. Introduce the AFC & NFC Champions at different times during the show. This way you guarantee an audience for at least two sets of team fans.

    4. In addition to announcing the All-Pro team, they could hand out the AP awards for MVP, Offensive POY, Defensive POY, Rookies of the year, Comeback POY, Coach of the Year, etc.

    People are already used to watch Emmy’s, Academy Awards and shows like that on Sunday evening. This could follow in the same genre.

    I would be far more apt to watch a show like this than the Pro Bowl, and the players would be a lot more likely to attend.

    1. I think we need to make an appointment with Roger Goodell. We can give him a great deal on consulting and turn this fiasco into a winner. We will also send him a bill. Probably less than what he paid some other yahoos to come up with the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl starring David Garrard…

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