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Birds of a Feather…

As the great American philosopher Yogi Berra once eloquently waxed, “It’s Deja Vu all over again.”

The Arizona Cardinals remind me of the Seahawks.  Both played in their first Super Bowl recently; they both lost to the same team; they both won the division and a home playoff game the following year; both were in dramatic fashion (Seattle beating Dallas when Romo fumbled the FG snap and Arizona in OT a a defensive TD).

It sounds like the potentially downward trend might continue for the Cards as it sounds like star QB and future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner will call it a career tomorrow. He has a press conference scheduled and all indications point to retirement, especially after a year that saw him deal with head injury issues.

What’s that mean for the Hawks? It means they are back in business. The Cardinals will probably take a step back. Matt Leinart is clearly not the caliber of Warner, so this is a huge loss.  The Rams appear to be a long way off.  The 49’ers are improving and I like Mike Singletary as a coach. I don’t think it will take much from the Hawks to jump back into the running to win a weak division.  The news of Warner’s retirement will aid them much in that quest.


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5 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather…

  1. Jimmy Clausen – really? Sorry, I don’t get fired up about Clausen. I’d rather take a shot at Tony Pike from Cincinnati in Round 3. Great potential and many a star NFL QB has come out of the early rounds after the first – Tom Brady for example.

  2. Alright. For the Hawks sake you better pray they have a plan beyond, lets hope that our 35 year old QB who has missed 11 start over the past two seasons doesn’t get hurt.

  3. I don’t disagree that they need to bring in a young QB…I’m just not sold on Clausen. You may have to forgive me as I have horrible flashbacks to the last Notre Dame QB we drafted in the first round, Rick Mirer.

    Ok…I’m better now. Seneca Wallace is a serviceable backup. I like Tony Pike as an option, still.

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