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Monday Morning QB

1 – The Vikings are the better team than the Saints. To go into OT on the road after fumbling, bumbling, and throwing the ball away is incredible.  The defense was stellar in the second half against a great offensive team.  The reality is you can’t beat anyone with turnovers and mistakes.  My guess is the Vikings would have given the Colts a better game in the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t take care of business in the NFC Championship game.

2 – I think Brett Favre is finally done.  Looking at him at the end of the game, he looks it.  I can’t imagine a 41-year old body can endure the pounding and rigors of another NFL season.

3 – Pete Carroll continues to make smart moves on his coaching staff.  It’s sprinkled with diversity from his previous gig at USC and veteran NFL coaches like Alex Gibbs, Jerry Gray, and Sherman Smith. There’s a good mix of youth and “maturity.”  I am actually getting excited for mini-camp.

4 – After sweeping the Bay Area schools last weekend at home, I had high hopes for a Husky hoops resurgence.  The weekend in LA ended hopes of any repeat of last year.  The malaise has even hit the improving women’s program who have now lost 4 straight.  The loss of Jon Brockman as a player and leader has been real.


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10 thoughts on “Monday Morning QB

  1. I have to disagree with you Dan (shocking I know) about the Vikings being a better football team than the Saints. New Orleans outstanding defense were responsible for the fumbles (look at the slow mo as they are punching the ball out) and for the interceptions (how many times was Favre on the ground). The Vikings are a great team and played very well. It could have been anyones game but often times teams don’t do well because the other team knows how to play them. An excellent game by two excellent teams but the team who took care of the ball won the game. It should be another great match-up in the Superbowl which I predict the Colts will win in a very, very close game.

  2. Kris, it was an excellent game and the Saints D did do a good job of stripping the ball. In fact, there torrential assault on Favre is what caused his ill-advised throw at the end of regulation that was picked off. I was rooting for the Saints, but I still believe Minnesota is the better team in general. That doesn’t mean the better team always wins. The NY Giants were not a better team than NE a few years ago, but they executed better down the stretch in the one game that meant the most. Kudos to the Saints. I will still be rooting for them, but Manning is much more savvy and physically better than Favre is. It’s going to be a tall order.

  3. You’re spot on about turnovers costing the Vikings, but even with that we still had a chance, and the Saints were a little lucky with a couple of refereeing calls. But that’s all part of history now. Speaking of history, I have a sneaking suspicion that the wiley old number 4 could be back again next season, quite possibly for one last shot. The Vikings would gladly have him back, and I think he knows that he could still be in with a shot, even if it’s a longer on than this season…

  4. 1. I agree that the Vikings (with Brett Favre) are probably a better team than the Saints. I’ll take the Vikings Defense over the Saints any day and twice on Sunday.

    2. I hope that Brett Favre is done. If anything, I think the Saints Defense knocked him into his next Vicodin addiction. Let’s just hope the media doesn’t treat us to yet another Brett Favre offseason reality show.

    3. I love the moves the Seahawks are making…and I’m a Cowboys fan.

    4. Sorry, I don’t follow Husky hoops.

    1. Do you think he can survive another season physically? I grant you the cupboard is bare behind him. I’d actually like to see him return, but I don’t know if he can hold up.

      1. The argument could be made that he didn’t survive this season. The Vikings were 10-1 at the end of November. After that he had a very historically Romo-like finish to the season at 3-4.

        40 years of age may be wall that ends Favre’s long and memorable career.

  5. The old gunslinger goes down shooting! Packers fans must be exctatic. I wouldn’t say I’m a Favre “hater”, but I won’t miss the 2-week love fest we would have been subjected to had they won. Also, where was Jared Allen…? I don’t think I ever heard his name called.

    I think this will be a great Superbowl. The Saints and Colts were the 2 best teams all season, so it almost feels like an undisputed championship. Great post Dan!

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