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Lane Kiffin to USC – A Stab in the Back to Tennessee

Lane Kiffin just screwed Tennessee.

Hired only a year ago, he bolts the university (taking with him staff) only three weeks before the letter of intent day.  It puts Tennessee football in a precarious position, with no coach, recruits leaving, and long-term ramifications for the program.

At what point does ethics come into play? Kiffin was being paid big bucks to take on a major power.  He has let down every kid he recruited last year and this year; every player on the team; and the university.  You might say, “What about the Seahawks starting this whole mess by firing Jim Mora after just one year?”  Here’s the difference…

  • Mora still will cash a cool $12 million over the next three years.
  • You’re dealing with professional athletes, not student-athletes.
  • I understand college football is big business, but these are still 17-22 year old kids you are sticking a knife into.

I’m sure Kiffin and USC are perfect for each other. I understand it’s business. However, in this case it was bad business. specially for the University of Tennessee and its football players.


One thought on “Lane Kiffin to USC – A Stab in the Back to Tennessee

  1. I agree that it is a bad situation for the University of Tennessee and its players, but it is how the game is played.

    I don’t blame Lane Kiffin for taking the job, just like I don’t blame the University or its players for being upset. I think the USC job is perfect for him and his family. They are Southern California people and it was his dream to return to his roots. I still credit him with standing up to Al Davis and getting old Al to pay him not to coach.

    Does it suck to be a U of T football player this morning? Sure, for about five minutes. Then they have to sit back and realize what they have; an all expense paid ride to play football at a premier University in the SEC. Sure beats waking up in Port au Prince this morning.


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