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Monthly Archives: January 2010

This blog is a Kitsap Sun reader blog. The Kitsap Sun neither edits nor previews reader blog posts. Their content is the sole creation and responsibility of the readers who produce them. Reader bloggers are asked to adhere to our reader blog agreement. If you have a concern or would like to start a reader blog of your own, please contact

Fixing the Pro Bowl

I haven’t watched the Pro Bowl since 1979.  It has to be the worst all-star game ever.  It’s after the season, the players are either beat up or off for 2 months.  It’s a high-risk injury factor for nothing. Teams must hate it; players don’t want to be there; nothing’s on the line. Yuck.

Moving the game to the week before the Super Bowl was as smart as New Coke.  When David Garrard is now a Pro Bowl player after a mediocre at best year, that tells you everything.  The people who suggested this format should be fired.  Or worse, make them watch the game!

I heard an excellent solution by former Husky turned radio analyst Brock Huard on ESPN 710 Seattle.  Turn the Pro Bowl into a skills challenge.  No contact; minimal chance for injury; competitive (which is what fans want); fun; and even the Super Bowl participants will compete (as long as its after the game).

As for me, I will pull myself away from the TV so there’s no chance I can even catch a glimpse or score, slog through the rain to Safeco Field, and attend Mariners Fun Fest.  Play ball…


Extra Points:

  • Waiting for instructions to move everything over to the Kitsap Sun blog page online.  I will continue to post here until that happens. Stay tuned!

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The Daily Dan on the Kitsap Sun

Great news!  The Daily Dan Sports Blog will be starting this weekend on the Kitsap Sun online.  As soon as it’s up, I will send out the address.

I will be keeping both blogs running concurrently.  I hope to add readership and subscribers on the Kitsap Sun because it has a larger distributorship. Feel free to subscribe to either one (or both).  The Sun will draw bigger numbers so I encourage you to comment there as well.

More to come…


Mariners Fan Fest This Weekend

Last year was my first time to partake in Mariners Fan Fest.  As you can see, I met one of my Ancient Mariners heroes, Julio Cruz.  This is a great event for all family members and really inexpensive. $10 at the door for adults and $5 for kids.  This year it’s January 30-31.

Lots of games, activities, food, and opportunity to meet and listen to Mariners players, coaches and executives.

My family is going Sunday – we hope to see you there.


Birds of a Feather…

As the great American philosopher Yogi Berra once eloquently waxed, “It’s Deja Vu all over again.”

The Arizona Cardinals remind me of the Seahawks.  Both played in their first Super Bowl recently; they both lost to the same team; they both won the division and a home playoff game the following year; both were in dramatic fashion (Seattle beating Dallas when Romo fumbled the FG snap and Arizona in OT a a defensive TD).

It sounds like the potentially downward trend might continue for the Cards as it sounds like star QB and future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner will call it a career tomorrow. He has a press conference scheduled and all indications point to retirement, especially after a year that saw him deal with head injury issues.

What’s that mean for the Hawks? It means they are back in business. The Cardinals will probably take a step back. Matt Leinart is clearly not the caliber of Warner, so this is a huge loss.  The Rams appear to be a long way off.  The 49’ers are improving and I like Mike Singletary as a coach. I don’t think it will take much from the Hawks to jump back into the running to win a weak division.  The news of Warner’s retirement will aid them much in that quest.


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Running on Empty

NFL draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. recently came out with his 2010 mock draft.  I still remember watching him prognosticate and pontificate on live drafts in the early 80’s. I wonder how he got that gig? Regardless, he is the acknowledged top dog expert and his mock drafts come out now in January. I was interested to see who he tabbed the Seahawks taking with their first two picks.

With pick # 6 he went with a DE. I want one of the three best offensive tackles, so we will bypass this. I was intrigued by his choice for the Hawks at #14 – Clemson RB C.J. Spiller.  This name has been popping up more often and linked to Seattle.  The Seahawks haven’t drafted a RB in the first round since Shaun Alexander over a decade ago.  Granted, for most of that time, Alexander was a stud, including his 2005 MVP year that led us to the Super Bowl.  Injuries derailed him from there and for some reason, we have avoided making the investment in a top flight runner.  It sickens me to think that Ray Rice was available when the Hawks chose Lawrence Jackson with their first pick. Ugh!

Spiller could fit the bill for the Hawks anemic rushing attack. Let’s face it, RB is a young man’s position. Justin Forsett is a nice complimentary back, but not a 16-game work horse.  Spiller is.  In 2009, he rushed for over 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns, averaging 5.6 yards per carry. He also caught 36 balls for another 500+ yards and 4 scores.  According to his stats, in 4 years at Clemson, he never fumbled the ball.

The Hawks need a guy to solidify this position. In the past, they’ve reached out with high 1st round picks for Curt Warner and Shaun Alexander. Maybe it’s time again by adding C.J. Spiller to that list.


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Monday Morning QB

1 – The Vikings are the better team than the Saints. To go into OT on the road after fumbling, bumbling, and throwing the ball away is incredible.  The defense was stellar in the second half against a great offensive team.  The reality is you can’t beat anyone with turnovers and mistakes.  My guess is the Vikings would have given the Colts a better game in the Super Bowl, but they couldn’t take care of business in the NFC Championship game.

2 – I think Brett Favre is finally done.  Looking at him at the end of the game, he looks it.  I can’t imagine a 41-year old body can endure the pounding and rigors of another NFL season.

3 – Pete Carroll continues to make smart moves on his coaching staff.  It’s sprinkled with diversity from his previous gig at USC and veteran NFL coaches like Alex Gibbs, Jerry Gray, and Sherman Smith. There’s a good mix of youth and “maturity.”  I am actually getting excited for mini-camp.

4 – After sweeping the Bay Area schools last weekend at home, I had high hopes for a Husky hoops resurgence.  The weekend in LA ended hopes of any repeat of last year.  The malaise has even hit the improving women’s program who have now lost 4 straight.  The loss of Jon Brockman as a player and leader has been real.


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Championship Games

Championship game Sunday is always a lot of fun (more if the Seahawks were involved).  I find myself intrigued by both games:

Indianapolis vs. New York Jets – A rematch from the Week 15 debacle that was the pulling of all Indy starters when they had the lead and a perfect season. The Jets, who needed a win to stay alive in the playoff hunt, dispatched the Colts backups and got a controversial win.  Today, they won’t get that same luck. However, they are now on a big-time roll.  This game will be closer than you think due to the Jets D.  I’m rooting for the Jets, but I think Peyton Manning is too good.  Colts 24 Jets 13

Minnesota vs. New Orleans – The Saints have never been to the Super Bowl. The Vikings last trip was under Bud Grant, Fran Tarkenton, Chuck Foreman, and the Purple People Eaters.  This is a toss up.  I think it will come down to which QB has the better day – Drew Brees or Brett Favre.  I think Minnesota is the more talented team overall, but the home-field is strong for championship games. I’m rooting for the Saints and I think they will win a shoot-out.  Saints 38 Vikings 35

What do you think?


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