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Wide Receivers Showing Passion on the Air

I was fortunate to catch the entire Nate Burleson show on KJR Sportsradio yesterday when Deion Branch, T.J. Houshmandzadeh,and Burleson went off on Hugh Millen and his criticism of the team.  At least they have passion.

Here it here.

It certainly was intriguing radio. Heck, I stayed in my car sitting in the post office parking lot to keep hearing the heated debate.  However, when it’s all said and done, it made the three amigos look a little foolish at times.  A few cases in point…

1 – Housh saying that Hugh Millen has no idea what he’s talking about citing his interception to TD ratio. Really? Dude, the guy played in the NFL for 9 years. That’s credibility enough. Anyone who laces them up on Sundays for any length of time has earned the credibility regardless of how they performed.  Jim Mora and Greg Knapp weren’t NFL standouts, yet they currently stand as head coach and offensive coordinator of an NFL team.

2 – Deion Branch saying that “you are either with us or against us.” Really, Deion? Most of the fans here have been “with” the team longer than you, and will be here longer than you. I personally remember 1976 and guys like Nick Bebout, Mike Curtis, and Ken Geddes. Just because we aren’t throwing love out to a team that has taken the gas pipe bad the last three weeks doesn’t mean we don’t support the team. Just because we love the Hawks doesn’t mean we think you all should be back next year.

3 – In the end, as much as you talk about not calling out your team, you threw Greg Knapp under the bus.  I know you didn’t do it in exactly those words, but the message was clear.

4 – Millen is an analyst for KJR and the local FOX station. He’s paid to be critical. Steve Raible and Warren Moon (both former Hawks) are employed by the team. Don’t expect them to treat you poorly.  If you want accolades, play better.

Bottom line – I actually like all three receivers. I think they and Matt Hasselbeck are misused in this offense. I’d love to see Jim Zorn as the OC next year and go back to a West Coast-style offense that fits the needs of the talents on this team. I’d also like to see the same passion displayed by Burleson, Housh, and DB from all 53 guys this Sunday. I will be in the stands watching!

What do you think?  I would love to have your comments on the blog…


2 thoughts on “Wide Receivers Showing Passion on the Air

  1. Right on. I’ve sat through many losing seasons, to see us almost win a superbowl, to back to below mediocrity. Of course there will be crticisim. It comes with a lot of love though.
    Have fun at the game. Maybe I should grab some tickets while I can.

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