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Bye, Bye Brandon

Jack Zduriencik keeps ’em coming.

Brandon Morrow seemed like a lost cause in Seattle.  His inconsistency, bouncing back from starter to bullpen, and the inevitable comparisons with University of Washington star and two-time CY Young Award winner Tim Lincecum made this the only thing to do.

Here’s really what made him expendable, though. Next year’s probable starting rotation:

1 – Felix Hernandez (R)

2- Cliff Lee (L)

3 – Ryan Rowland-Smith (L)

4 – Ian Snell (R)

5 – Pick from Luke French (L), Jason Vargas (L), and Doug Fister (R) – These guys showed enough promise last year to give them a shot at duking it out for the last spot.

The pitcher we picked up, Brandon League, can help shore up the bullpen, especially if Sean White isn’t fully recovered from surgery.

In the course of about 3 days, Trader Jack has eliminated the two biggest pitching enigmas on the team.  Seahawks, are you watching?


5 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Brandon

  1. Dan – Trader Jack is starting to put his stamp on this team. I don’t want to go into it too much but I was frustrated when the M’s did not pick Tim Lincecum in the draft. I wanted to give Brandon Morrow a chance after the M’s drafted him but both the Mariners and Brandon are to blame for this not working out. Who knows…..maybe the M’s would have screwed up Lincecum too.

  2. So what’s going on with Bedard? Not that I have any great expectations, but nobody even mentions his name in talking about the Mariners. Did he retire?

    And how about a true Designated Hitter candidate. Sweeney showed some life at the end of the season, but age could finish him off this season. Where is the .275+ hitter with 30 HRs in his bat? Griffy might be a good influence, but he’s pretty much a sure out in the lineup. Seems we lost track of the “hitter’ part of the position title.

    1. Bedard hasn’t even caught on with another team yet. He wouldn’t find a place in this rotation…too much baggage and injury issues. Sweeney was a nice player last year, but way past prime. Can’t afford to have both him and Junior. I believe Jack Z isn’t done just yet…

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