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Monday Morning QB

1 – Where’s Housh – T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the big-time free agent signing for the Seahawks and has been a disappointment.  Trust me…I have him on my fantasy football team and I know the production isn’t there. It’s not his fault.  It’s not Matt Hasselbeck’s fault.  Blame goes to the offensive line and Greg Knapp.  The O-line has been awful (next bullet), but Greg Knapp’s offense isn’t run to take advantage of Housh.  T.J. is a better version of Bobby Engram and would have been perfect in Mike Holmgren’s West Coast offense.  Add to it that Hasselbeck has struggled due to a different tempo.  Bottom line – either change the offensive schemes to match your talent or get a new offensive coordinator.

2 – The line protecting Hasselbeck is truly offensive.  So bad, it almost got him decapitated several times.  Coach Jim Mora already called out the line and intimated changes.  Change to who?  This is an area that must be heavily addressed in the off-season or mediocrity will continue into 2010.

3 – For Mora to survive this position past 2010, he must significantly improve the line of scrimmage on both sides fast. He must take a hard look at his assistant coaches, and he must hope for a new General Manager that will give him some rope.  He has control of two of those items.

4 – Fantasy Football studs for the weekend – Andre Johnson (Houston), Ray Rice (Baltimore), and Chris Johnson (Tennessee)

Bonus – This just in.  Accenture just cut Tiger Woods.  The management consulting company came out and said his new “image” isn’t what they are looking for. This won’t be the first defection from the Tiger team.

Here’s hoping you slide in ahead of the tag today!


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