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Hanging Onto That Dream (Kitchen)

cottage cover

Almost exactly seven years ago, I found the kitchen of my dreams in this Cottage Living magazine. This space, it seemed, was a literal interpretation of the kitchen remodel I’d been concocting inside my head since we’d moved in. The reuse of existing cabinetry, the space planning, the color pallette and solid surface choices. All of it. Seven years later, Cottage Living is no longer in existence, in fact this kitchen was featured in their last issue, but I still have the same vision for the kitchen, and sadly, still no budget to revamp it.

cottage kitchen 1

I’d like to share why I love this kitchen so much.

1. It’s not a totally white kitchen. This issue of the magazine was published when the all- white kitchen trend was beginning, and as that look is becoming less and less of-the-moment, this kitchen’s color scheme would have aged gracefully. The olive green of the lower cabinets has a hint of grey so they feel contemporary, and it’s nice to have a bit of contrast to the white uppers.

2. The arched opening. I would love to do this with my kitchen, to allow more light into the space, as it is north-facing and in the center of our home. An opening there, would allow me create peninsula for the stove and perhaps an eat-up counter on the living room side. Doing an arched opening, versus a rectangular one, would be in keeping with the architectural character of homes built in the 1920’s, like ours.

cottage kitchen 4

3. The use of wood on the floor and counters. Wood adds instant warmth to a space. I know there is hardwood under the many layers of ugly linoleum flooring in my kitchen. I’d totally rip that up myself, but the older layers most likely contain asbestos and that needs to be removed by professionals, which is costly.  Someday, I’d also love to replace our outdated Formica counter tops with either walnut butcher block or soap stone or both.

cottage kitchen 2

4. Sensible budget choices. This designer, Anne Turner Carroll, saved her cabinets, but re-hung the uppers flush with the ceiling, to allow room for an open shelf underneath. She painted them and put on new hardware. The subway tile backsplash is a classic look, but easy on the budget. I would lay mine in a herringbone pattern, and use a light grey grout.

cottage kitchen 3


It can be frustrating, having this vision and not being able to put it into action. I know that my kitchen has so much potential to function better and look stunning. While I have painted the cabinets and walls, that is about it, and that was years ago. The paint is wearing off the edges of the cabinets, and its time for a refresh. I’d love to add hardware to the doors and drawers too. Maybe that will be the next project I tackle. Here is a glimpse of kitchen as it is now; hover over each photo to read descriptions of my vision.

I guess the upside is that my dream kitchen is yet to come, and that the ideas I’ve cemented in my brain have a timeless appeal. All this means, is that it will look fabulous whenever I get around to making it happen!