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Sleep Apnea BiPap/CPap Distilled Water Clog Lungs? Update


My husband called the KCHD this morning. They recommended Twiss Analytical Incorporated in Poulsbo as the only company in our area to analyze water. My husband called and left a message.
Later Tom Maziarz of Twiss returned the call and I explained my concerns. Tom brought up a couple of points where contamination could have occurred.

• Filters
• The inside of the distilled water container itself might not have been sterilized
• Distilled water does not mean sterilized water

According to the company who services the BiPap, the filter hasn’t been changed enough.

When the BiPap/CPap is turned on the air from the room is carried from the room air through the filter into the short hose from the machine to the water humidifier then out the tubing the facemask for the Sleep Apnea patient to inhale.

If the filters are clogged with dust and debris, that is carried into the patient’s lungs.

I did not change filters until I saw dirt on the white filter…sometimes a couple months from the last filter change and did not order anything unless I needed it. Regards the filter, I had to see visible dirt before replacing it. Yes, Medicare paid for it, but thrifty taxpayers don’t get what isn’t needed. In six or seven years, this humidifier is only the second.
I poured the remaining humidifier water into the boiled and sterilized glass jar (lid too) as Mr. Maziarz suggested and Chuck drove the items to Poulsbo for testing.

Am I overreacting to the strange white blobs in water I inhale? Maybe.
I’ll have the preliminary results Friday…

More later… Sharon O’Hara