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A Chance to Vote for Poulsbo

As a person with lung disease forced to ride in traffic spewing poisonous toxins and inhaling it, I care about clean air and safe places to ride my recumbent trike.

In my opinion, if we don’t provide safe, useful cycling, walking paths for our people, our people will gradually spiral into a people not moving far from the TV or computer and aging with multiple ailments costing us far more in health care than the original cost of the needed trails.

To those who don’t think vehicle exhaust is dangerous to health, would you stand next to the exhaust of a running car in a closed area?

Thanks to Linda Berry-Maraist, an alert city council woman in Poulsbo, it’s not too late for us to weigh in on the survey. www.cityofpoulsbo.com

Thanks also to our alert and fast moving West Sound Bike club members…

More later… Sharon O’Hara

> From: Linda Berry-Maraist
> Subject: Survey closing Wed: Fjord Drive Trail
> Hi Trail committee,
> I just returned from vacation and discovered that there has been a
survey on the City website, asking whether we should keep Fjord.
drive one way (from 6th to Hostmark) and make the other lane a bike
trail/path or restore Fjord as it was. The City Council is scheduled
to vote on this tomorrow (Wed) and I believe the decision will be
largely based on the responses to this survey.Currently slightly more
people favor returning Fjord to 2-way, which would preclude the
potential bike/ped. trail.
> I hope you will consider taking the survey www.cityofpoulsbo.com ,
coming to the Council meeting at 7:30 or sending an email (link on
website). I am very concerned that the timing of this decision,
before the trail plan is even presented, will make the potential
extension of the Liberty Bay trail bike route south from downtown,
far less likely.
> The good news I heard today is that it looks like the City’s grant
proposal to do the engineering for the waterfront trail extension to
Fish Park, has cleared the big hurdle, received a high score in the
grant process and is likely to be approved for funding in September!
> Linda
> Linda Berry-Maraist, City Council Position 1, City of Poulsbo

Swine Flu, Airline Fuel and Lungs


I made the following comments on Christopher Dunagan’s ‘Watching Our Waterways’ and thought it might bear repeating here in light of the Swine flu and the jet dumping fuel over Bainbridge Island – all affecting lungs.

“Most studies of health effects relate to long-term exposure”
“a heavy odor, which some considered overwhelming. ”

Well…the lungs filter and I imagine keep some residue from the toxins.
I do not know for sure, but it seems reasonable that it would, considering what we know about first hand smoking, second-hand smoke and lungs.

“Long-term exposure” might well describe the accumulative affect of inhaling different toxins over the years, not just inhaling one toxin over time.

Over time, the toxin residues build up in the lungs and may cause lung problems.
Asthma? COPD? Lung Cancer? Sarcoidosis (cause unknown) usually makes itself at home in the lungs too.
Over time of inhaling toxins, the lungs might become weakened and susceptible to such things as Pneumonia.
“If you inhale toxic materials, you can injure your lungs and cause chemical pneumonia.bugs and other diseases affecting the lungs….”

Take smokers for example (keep in mind only about 20% of smokers get COPD, (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) 4th leading cause of death in the US – While approximately 80% COPDers were smokers.

It might take 20 years for a person to develop symptoms enough to talk to their doctor about shortness of breath and other indicators. By that time, 50% of the lungs may already be destroyed.
Early detection can save lives by the simple and fast Spirometry test. Talk to your doctor, get tested – the quality life you save might be your own.

National Jewish is the leading Pulmonary Hospital in the US, according to US News and Reports – more importantly, National Jewish in Denver offers FREE Spirometry testing throughout the year.

We take our lungs for granted until they are damaged. So a little inhaling of the:
“” heavy odor, which some considered overwhelming. ”
Might well be the wake-up call or the 3nd to the last nail pounded in your lung coffin.

Remember our lungs filter everything we inhale – Be good to them.