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Sleep Apnea and Serious Snoring

Sleep deprivation/Sleep Apnea is not the joke many of us think…it can be deadly, not least, if a person falls asleep at the wheel.

Steven Gardner mentioned sleep deprivation recently in his blog, Kitsap Caucus, http://pugetsoundblogs.com/kitsap-caucus/2009/04/25/sleep-deprivation-2/#comments

Until I went through the UW sleep center and found I had Sleep Apnea, I slept in a chair for a couple years. I could not breathe lying down.

I don’t know if other patients are hesitant to use the mask, but I was afraid the machine would stop working and I’d smother in my sleep.
I didn’t use the Bi-Pap almost a year until a friend came over and intended to talk me through the instruction book.
By the time she read page 2, I felt silly but relaxed and took a couple deep breaths through the mask. That night, breathing easy, I slept in a bed again.

More recently, Harrison Medical Center began their own sleep disorder center. Their support group meetings are outstanding – well worth the effort to get there. (Harrison Annex, by Harrison, Bremerton. The support group meetings I attended were filled with timely, good information.

Harrison Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center Bremerton WA (360) 792-6812 www.harrisonmedical.org
For more info: Susan McInturff, CPAP Educator, Harrison Sleep Disorders Center

University of Washington Harborview Medical Center Sleep Disorders Center
Seattle (206)

Anyone care to share his or her experience with Sleep Apnea?
Sleep Deprivation can be deadly.



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