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COPD Funding Available Through NHLBI!

Great news for unwary lungs on the way to rack and ruin!
The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute are ready, willing and able to bring COPD awareness and early detection testing to… US.
After years of collaboration with doctors and medical organization, researchers, patient organizations, the COPD Learn More Breathe Better® campaign will extend a hearty Welcome to all organizations engaged in COPD education and awareness through the campaign.

The NHLBI offers limited funding to those organizations working for COPD on the state and local level. All interested organizations are asked to apply:
The deadline for proposals is July 23, 2009.

For us, locally, the American Lung Association of Washington could apply using the Colorado COPD Coalition Strategic Plan—used as a prototype for other State Plans-information and copy thanks to Edna Fiore.

The American Association for Respiratory Care’s (http://www.aarc.org) Respiratory Therapists are invaluable to the COPDer. We need more and sooner. Here in Kitsap County, Eric Anderson at Harrison Medical Center is a member of AARC – maybe he and Harrison Medical Center will tackle the project. Eric, how about it?

AARC is noted for Dr. Tom…a COPDer National Treasure and best friend for his insight and wisdom. Dr. Tom of Colorado is not only a noted physician and expert on lungs, I am sorry to say he is one of us.

Thanks to all the organizations dedicated to educate and march for early detection.
Thanks to all the people who dedicate their lives to fight disease, the researchers, the support folks and the patient caregivers.
Sharon Blomlie O’Hara