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Meet a new look in medical office decor and manner…Does it matter?

Today I walked into a new to me medical office in Silverdale.  The Master’s Orthotics & Prosthetics reception room is a charming, comfortable; friendly place overseen by as friendly and pleasant a receptionist as any I have met anywhere.  Her name is Ariel.

The homey atmosphere, colors and furniture was a clear invitation to sit down and visit.  However – it was their sign on the wall that startled and fascinated me into asking if I could take photos of it, their reception room and receptionist.  They probably think I kissed the Blarney Stone, but humored me and gave permission.

Of all the years I have visited doctor/medical offices – I have never entered one so instantly welcoming and cheerful, including a mention of God.

Over the past few years, I have thought about God a lot and appreciated seeing their public mention of Him.   Look – what do you think?

Should Medical Offices strive for patient/client cheery, soothing colors and comfortable furniture in their reception room?   I vote yes.

The sign designer and artist was Adria Hanson of Hanson Studios.

Meet Ariel.  She even let me stand at the desk to fill out forms…what a welcoming friendly place.

Meet my husband’s feet and part of the reception room.  Comfortable – so comfy looking I had almost talked myself into sitting down when they called me.  Just as well.  I might not have gotten up again.

Thanks for reading.  Sharon O’Hara <COPDandOtherStuff2@gmail.com>

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