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The Action was Hot lungs – Part 1 of 3

The power packed Rose Room was a delightful mix of people and lung disease information aimed to help us live healthier and breathe easier.  Several of the wonderfully cheery and supportive  Capri Cardiopulmonary Rehab patients were there asking some really great questions.

Better Breathers, partnered by Harrison Medical Center and Harrison’s Dietitian Leah Werner spoke first and showed slides of ‘Eating to Breathe Easier.”  Following are some of the poor photos (camera has passed on) I took giving an idea what we are after – better health, easier breathing – that Harrison is teaching!

This is the Dash Diet sensible and easy way to eat.  I know it works for weight loss.  About a year ago, I registered a 25-pound weight loss in seven weeks.

Read more: http://pugetsoundblogs.com/copd-and-other-stuff/2011/06/14/pulmonary-patients-eat-and-move-right-learn-how-tomorrow-better-breathers/#ixzz1Pg59kQFt

Leah could become part of a Harrison full fledge commitment to the community by offering her as a consultant for a DASH for Health Diet Support Group!

Harrison, what say you?  The need for good health weight loss or gain can begin with Dash for Health Diet and some of us could use group support to help get the fat off and get healthier.  Weight loss for good health is your business too.

Some of us are not good candidates for the weight loss surgery – I was told I probably would not get off a respirator.

Harrison, are you ready for a DASH for Health Support Group?  If not now – when?


























































































































































































































Part 1 of 3

– tune in to part 2 of 3  tomorrow – thanks for reading… Sharon O’Hara