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AWAKE – Tonight

AWAKE TONIGHT!    Ever wonder about an increasing sleepiness yourself or life partner?  Well, sleepiness may well mean more than boredom at home – it may mean SLEEP APNEA – a potentially deadly medical condition and fixable.

Thursday, September 15 – 7:00pm – 9:00pm

PROGRAM:  C- Pap or Bi-Pap Maintenance and Your Health.

SPEAKER:     Kate Whettam, Resmed

Questions welcome

AWAKE is for people living with sleep disorders and their families and meets the third Thursday of every three months (March, June, September and December).

9/15/2011     7:00pm – 9:00pm

Harrison Annex

750 Lebo Blvd.

Bremerton, WA 98310

Contact Info:   360-479-8022 x4



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Do Lung Doctors in Kitsap County Neglect Support Group Patient Education

Lung patients need active physician involvement in support groups, particularly for non-cancerous lung patients including COPD, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.  For many of us COPD is only the beginning of medical conditions including Sleep Apnea.

We are fortunate that Harrison’s Respiratory Department has gotten more involved and active in support services for lung patients and the Better Breather’s monthly programs are becoming a Don’t Miss.

That said last month’s program was the beginning of another round of new stuff and no MD to connect all the dots.  Pulmonary support groups NEED direct physician involvement.  I know they are busy.  So are the patients.  We want to be educated and the physician is the only person to answer medical questions.

Joyce had Cheryl Ball, Respiratory Therapist in charge of the Sleep Apnea program with guest speaker, Jeff Lackey, Patient Care Coordinator of Pacific Pulmonary Services.  Both did a great job inciting keen interest, as you will see in the following photos.

I wrote the following post in answer to the Kitsap Sun Reporter Rachel Pritchett’s article that Harrison Medical Center’s Heart Surgeons won a second year of the highest rating given for Bremerton Cardiothoracic Surgery.


“The most successful support group – or one of them – is AWAKE, the Sleep Apnea support group in Kitsap County.

Why? It is physician led.


Well. It is time for lung doctors to step up to educate the Better Breather’s pulmonary support group.


I recently attended a BB meeting and too many questions could not be answered by the knowledgeable techs present – they needed answering by doctors who know the whys and wherefores of sleep apnea.


Educating patients is vitally important and the lung patients have been sadly neglected…yes, I do understand about the money trail in popular medical conditions.


Many of us lung patients kick off due to heart disease caused by lung issues. It’s no small wonder that COPD is now the third leading cause of death in the US considering that educating lung patients is at the bottom of the physician scale of things to do.


Am I being unfair to busy physicians? I am a patient – the answer is NO.


Doctors – get involved with educating us. Please!


Contact Harrison’s Pam or Joyce (Respiratory) for scheduling a PHYSICIAN speaker for the next Better Breather’s meeting.


“…Harrison HealthPartners Bremerton Cardiothoracic Surgery is part of a larger group of Harrison Medical Center heart physicians called Harrison HealthPartners Thoracic and Vascular. “The bigger group also includes vascular surgeon Dr. George Berni and vascular surgeon Dr. Shankar Sundaram, who begins later this month.”


Read more: http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2011/aug/08/harrison-heart-surgeons-receive-top-rating-again/#ixzz1Ut6EsPQz


Part 1 of 2















Gabriel,  medical miracle baby and g’g’ma’s recumbent trike …


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Sleep Apnea Gets Support from Harrison Medical Center

The next Sleep Apnea (AWAKE) support group meeting is Thursday, 17 September 2009 at the Harrison Annex, 750 Lebo Blvd., Bremerton. The quarterly meetings run from 7 to 9 pm.

AWAKE (Sleep Disorders Support Group) is a strong support group for individuals and families.

A free CPAP or BIPAP machine pressure check is available at the quarterly meetings…a service well worth bringing your machine from home.

The program features Harrison Medical Center’s new lead Sleep Specialist, Daniel Moore, speaking on Sleep and Heart Disease. Questions and answers are welcome after the thirty-minute educational segment.

Stat Medical is the program sponsor and will show off the latest CPAP machine during the second half of the program.

I am glad to know the latest research and development and especially glad when local companies are eager to bring the best to their patients.

I once called a local oxygen supplier of the machines to ask when they would get in the latest BIPAP machine I had read about. The short answer was never!
I will give you the long answer to the same conclusion only if asked. To be fair, the company did elaborate on how they arrived at the’ never’ response… and the patient loses.

I use a BIPAP machine but still look forward to seeing the latest; the future is here – now – CPAP machines knowing a similar BIPAP is no doubt coming later.

We probably look funny wearing a facemask attached to a tube that runs back to the noisy machine that helps us sleep, in order to live, but it is a life saving good funny.

Now is a good time to reiterate that I speak only as a patient, not a medical professional. My comments come from experience, my own or others and the latest research.

The latest study in Sleep Apnea is good in the sense that now the high mortality rate is known for Sleep Apnea’ites, a study using that information, to find a cure or treatment, is sure to follow.

More later… Sharon O’Hara