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Silverdale’s Hot Time In The Old Town Coming!

Silverdale’s event packed Arthritis Walk 2009, is this Saturday, May 7, 2009 at the Silverdale Waterfront Park!

The Washington Osteoporosis Coalition will be there to offer a free bone health screening.

Leashed, well-mannered dogs and families are welcome to the fun-filled eventful day in recognition of the 51,000 Kitsap County citizens living with arthritis.
The Arthritis Foundation’s annual walk honors Shirley Boheme, a 40-year arthritis survivor and ‘go-getter.’ Boheme’s ability to live well with her 40-year rheumatoid arthritis challenge is something I sure want to hear about.

While The Washington Osteoporosis Coalition screens human family members for bone health and osteoporosis, Naturally 4 Paws, is likely to have a nutritious snack for the dog family members.

Anytime Fitness in Silverdale sponsored the weekly pre- Arthritis Walk practice walks and I hope they continue the walking program.
The Acupuncture & Wellness Center offers a complimentary massage and Chinese pulse diagnosis while
Abiding Homecare, Costco and the Bremerton Symphony Association round out the program. (Does anyone know how the Chinese pulse diagnosis differs)

I’ve had arthritis only 2 or 3 years and I can tell you that bone on bone arthritis is nasty stuff, yet I am only one of 51,000 Kitsap citizens living with arthritis and most far worse off than me. Too many of them are children.

Speaking from my experience, the Arthritis Foundation is proactive with super volunteers to assist folks who contact them. One volunteer I spoke with is in a wheelchair. The amazement is that she has lived with the pain of arthritis since childhood, yet there she was, a cheerful, uplifting voice on the phone giving advice and information to folks who call the Foundation. Without exception, every person I have spoken with in the Arthritis Foundation has been informative and helpful.

The festive Community Celebration party begins at 9:00 a.m. – Hat judging begins at 09:35a.m. –followed by a Scavenger Hunt, the Movement Zone, (don’t ask) and Costco offers a Mom’s Day gift to the beat of good Bremerton Symphony music and free food.

COPD & Other Stuff will be there – arthritis is one of the Other Stuff. If you happen to see a young man and woman on a recumbent trike, say hello to my grandson, Uriah, and Christine.

Its not too late. Three ways to register for Saturday’s Kitsap Arthritis Walk are:

1. On line at: www.arthritiswalkkitsap.kintera.org
2. Sign up the day of the walk – 9—10 a.m. at the Silverdale Waterfront Park.
3. Registration forms are available until Friday, May 8 at the Kitsap Arthritis Walk kiosk in the Kitsap Mall.

If anyone wonders how many Arthritis Support groups we have for the 51,000 arthritis folks in Kitsap County…ask me.

Hope to see you Saturday!