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One Face of MRSA, Resistance Bug, in Kitsap County

One Face of MRSA – What Does the Resistance Bug MRSA Look Like in Kitsap County?  Here is one face.Wounds

A Look at MRSA


Ignoring edema in your lower legs?
I did. Ask your doctor how to get rid of it – permanently…not just take water pills and forget it.

There is a reason edema develops for each person. Find out the cause, and, if possible – fix it. You do not want what I have.

Ask your partner – your doctor.
The latest recent culture of my open wound came back positive again – the second positive result since it began again in my lower left leg, October 2013..

“MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It causes a staph infection (pronounced “staff infection”) that is resistant to several common antibiotics. There are two types of infection. Hospital-associated MRSA happens to people in healthcare settings. Community-associated MRSA happens to people who have close skin-to-skin contact with others, such as athletes involved in football and wrestling.

Infection control is key to stopping MRSA in hospitals. To prevent community-associated MRSA

Practice good hygiene
Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with a bandage until healed
Avoid contact with other people’s wounds or bandages
Avoid sharing personal items, such as towels, washcloths, razors, or clothes
Wash soiled sheets, towels, and clothes in hot water with bleach and dry in a hot dryer

If a wound appears to be infected, see a health care provider. Treatments may include draining the infection and antibiotics.

NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases”
My opinion: (Test all patients and personnel in hospitals – stop the spread of MRSA)

Ignoring it – spreads it
Harrison Medical Center Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine, Infusion Center
The understated low-slung buildings in the old Sheridan Village show a benign face to the wounded people who fight life and death wound care treatment inside.
Opening the door to the reception area brings a cheery “Hi! …Debbie knows your name.Debbie Knows Your Name and smiles a welcome!

Debbie Knows Your Name and smiles a welcome!

Debbie is usually the first introduction to the amazing friendly, competent and cheerful docs, nurses, technicians – all the great people working there. The patients reflect their environment as does the varied reading material offered. From deep sea training to bird reading …nothing ordinary about this place or the people in it – health care  or patients.
A minor breakthrough happened when I awoke a few mornings ago feeling nothing. An absence of pain in my leg – no pain anywhere….the apparent result of the new sulfur antibiotic for the escalating lymphedema/cellulitis/MRSA wounds in my left leg.
The pain gradually returned.

Debriding is done with a sharp razor after the wounds get surface Lidocaine to deaden the flesh. Most of the time it works.
GOOD NEWS: I heard about an Ultrasonic Debridement machine – pain free that takes the place of a sharp razor and found a study on it in Ontario, Canada.
Efficacy Study of Ultrasound-Assisted Debridement to Influence Wound Healing (UltraHeal)
Principal Investigator: Christine A. Murphy, MClSc PhD(c) The Ottawa Hospital
Sponsor: Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
The start date was December 2013 – Estimated completion December 2014.
Official Title ICMJE A Randomized Controlled Trial to Investigate if Application of Low Frequency Ultrasound-assisted Debridement May Improve Healing and Infection Outcomes for the Person With Vasculopathy and Recalcitrant Wounds of the Lower Extremity
Brief Summary The UltraHeal Study is a randomized controlled trial to compare healing response of low frequency contact ultrasonic-assisted debridement in addition to best practice wound care to best practice wound care alone in a Vascular Surgery Clinic patient population with wounds of the lower extremity.
Detailed Description The study will also investigate the bacterial tissue burden and protease activity to provide further insight into the infection and inflammation aspects of healing barriers in a challenging population.

IF the study proves out, we should be thinking about getting a Ultrasound  machine that uses new technology to debriding wounds and helps healing…

Harrison Medical Center Foundation – how can we help you help us get that machine if the study is successful?


Thanks for listening… more later…
Sharon O’Hara, (

3 thoughts on “One Face of MRSA, Resistance Bug, in Kitsap County

  1. Thanks for sharing all your troubles, you are helping many others not to feel so alone in their suffering– and your tips may well prevent others from having them–
    You are very brave to do this! Good luck to you and hope all goes better in the future.

    1. Thanks for writing and your kind words… its important that we stand up and be counted for what’s right. Trust me…Nobody wants what I have and it can be avoided.
      Please partner with your doctor and make any needed changes to stay healthy. It matters.
      Thanks Roxie… Sharon

  2. Your Bravery for talking and showing the face of a real growing problem, “MRSA” is breath taking and inspiring…Thank You!!!

    The medical community doesn’t want to talk honestly about this very real threat, because people would think hard and long before going into the hospital for any kind of surgery. Most folks will die of secondary staff infections before they will die of whatever disease they went in for.

    Antibiotics were once the cure all for any sicknesses it seemed, including being fed to the animals we ingest…Until now antibiotics are becoming useless to us humans, we are heading to the dark ages before antibiotics.

    With any kind of infection, make sure that you have it tested to see what kind of staph it is and what will actually kill it before taking any antibiotics for it. Check into preventative health care for some things you can do yourself before just taking that pill a Dr. throws the pen to paper to. Keeping ones stomach flora healthy is a huge thing in keeping the body healthy.

    Caregivers and Hospitals…YOU need to clean up your act by having ALL staff tested for being MRSA carriers and act accordingly to contain this terrible, untreatable, staff called MRSA, your lack of doing this is bringing about a horrible disease that is hurting many people with compromised immune systems and is now going out in the general public.

    You can get MRSA anywhere and might just be the next human culling… All because the health community doesn’t want to take the necessary steps in making sure that MRSA isn’t spread.

    All the best to you as you deal with the results of Medical acquired MRSA and Thanks again for being real and showing the face of a growing threat to humanity!

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