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Apology to the Podiatry Professionals

I have an apology to the Podiatry profession.

When I wrote about Podiatrists cutting toes as well as toenails, my focus was on patients and their loved ones being aware. …not to cast aspirations on all podiatrists or the profession of podiatry.

Following is my comment to Sally Santana’s question to my original post concerning the name of the podiatrist I encountered.


“Sorry I don’t remember his name Sally – Only that he said his office was close by in Poulsbo. Moreover, he does toenails there every two months. Martha & Mary know his name.

Dr Gent was recommended to me One of two Podiatrists recommended to me..

At the same time I posted this I sent the URL and a complaint to the state director of Podiatrists … Something I should have done immediately after this happened. I expect that M & M took direct action and handled the situation… I told this story several times to different people there at the time..

M&M is a place if need be I would want to return.. It’s a stellar place for patients to recover.

That said, if incompetent toenail cutters can happen in a quality place like Martha & Mary – I worry about what’s going on with patients at lessor places… Who is watching?”

The fact is I do not remember his name, only that he told me when I asked that he has an office in Poulsbo.  I’ve called M & M to get the name of the podiatrist who did toenails there last February – something I should have done first.

My sincere apology to the dedicated podiatrist professionals.  I did not intend to cast a smear on your profession.

… Sharon O’Hara

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